Theo Rossi Talks Potty Training And Baby Number 2

Theo Rossi may have been a brutal, neck-stabbing biker on Sons of Anarchy, but the actor is a family man right now.

While it may be quite difficult to imagine Theo Rossi, whom TV viewers mostly know as murderous and violent Juice Ortiz from the hit FX show, as a family man, the 41-year-old actor is already expecting his second child.

Theo Rossi, who welcomed son Kane Alexander in 2015 with wife Meghan McDermott, gushed about expecting his second child and his potty training skills while premiering his new movie Lowriders at Tuesday’s Los Angeles special screening.

It was a different kind of debut for Theo Rossi’s wife, who walked the red carpet to debut her adorable baby bump. The two got married in 2014, back when the final season of Sons of Anarchy was airing.

While it would be a scary experience to be approach by Theo Rossi’s character from Sons of Anarchy, a People reporter wasn’t intimidated by the actor, whose personality stands in stark contrast to Juice.

Gushing about expecting his second child, Theo Rossi confessed that he is “excited for my son,” who turns 2-years-old next month, “excited for my wife,” “excited for my family,” and “excited for me.”

Theo Rossi also uttered the words of a true family man, saying that “there’s nothing bigger and better in life” than children.

“It took me a long time to realize that, but you know at the end of the day it’s family first. None of this exists without it.”

Theo Rossi and his wife also admitted that they do not know the sex of their second baby yet, adding that they want to keep it a secret. But the sex doesn’t seem to matter to their son Kane, who “kisses” and “says goodnight” to McDermott’s belly, Rossi’s wife revealed.

“He just likes to kiss my belly, which I think is adorable.”

Theo Rossi seems to be picking roles that portray him as the opposite of a peaceful family man. In Lowriders, which hits theaters today, the Sons of Anarchy star plays a young man by the name of Ghost, who recently was released from jail after being imprisoned for his obsession with the lowrider car culture.

But serving a sentence in Lowriders, which also stars Eva Longoria, is nothing Theo Rossi can’t handle, as the actor’s character Juice was imprisoned on Sons of Anarchy as well.

With raising kids comes getting peed on, and Theo Rossi understands it now like no one else. The Sons of Anarchy actor spoke to People magazine about toilet training his son, Kane.

Theo Rossi revealed that things do get a little out of control in his house, particularly when the actor is potty training his son. Oftentimes, potty training turns into a slippery slope (literally), as Theo Rossi reveals that Kane likes to run around the house peeing everywhere.

“He’s in the middle of potty training, so every time I walk in the house, he’s running around with a T-shirt, socks and sneakers on — no diaper, no drawers, running around, just peeing everywhere.”

Theo Rossi – like most other dads out there – also got peed on by his son. The actor says that Kane “caught me a few times, peeing straight up in the air” while changing diapers.

“So I’ve gotten hit with a few of those. Keeps me on my toes.”

Theo Rossi also gushed that he and his wife have a nickname for Kane. Calling him “King Kane,” the proud parents are setting him up for greatness. The actor also revealed that every time people walk into their house and ask “Where’s the king?” Kane comes “walking down.”

Well, thankfully he does not come running, peeing everywhere.

[Featured Image by Willy Sanjuan/AP Images]