Kate Middleton Talks About Addiction, Pippa Middleton Invites Meghan Markle To Her Wedding

Kate Middleton has obviously never met the woman who would have been her mother-in-law, but she certainly seems to have taken her royal lead from Diana, Princess of Wales. Kate and Diana may have been a generation apart, but the Duchess of Cambridge is definitely following in Diana’s footsteps. Both Middleton and Lady Diana Spencer married into royalty; Diana married Prince William’s father, Prince Charles, while Middleton is, of course, married to William. In many ways, they trod the same path, and Kate Middleton has now replaced Diana, who died in 1997, as the people’s princess.

Middleton is often portrayed as the “ordinary” girl who married her Prince Charming, but of course, Kate was anything but ordinary before she even married Prince William. According to the Richest, Kate has a personal fortune of over $50 million, and Express estimates that Middleton and her children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, have a net worth of £10 billion ($12.9 billion).

kate Middleton Addiction
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Of course, Diana’s family were members of the British aristocracy and have a net worth believed to run to hundreds of millions. Given the enormous wealth of the Middleton and Spencer families, describing Kate or Diana as “ordinary” is disingenuous. That said, it does seem that both princesses have what might be described as the “common touch.”

Who can forget the photographs of Diana hugging people who were ill with AIDS, back in a time when the illness was being described as a “gay plague.” The images of Diana wearing body armor in a minefield are iconic images of the 1990s, and the princess was known for her patronage of numerous charities.

Of course, Diana was not without her problems, she was often deeply unhappy and was known to be bulimic. Diana was also rumored to have an addiction to diet pills, so when the words “Kate Middleton addiction” began trending on the internet, people were worried that Kate may be facing struggles of her own.

The reality is that people don’t need to be concerned for Princess Kate. The Duchess of Cambridge merely mentioned addiction in a video that shows her in conversation with her husband and Prince Harry. Royal watchers will know that Middleton and both Princes have attended numerous events recently that highlight the problems faced by those suffering from mental health issues. As reported by Newsweek, Kate was linking addiction with mental health issues and explained that mental health is often an issue when addiction, homelessness, and dealing with bereavement are concerned.

In short, fans of Kate Middleton can breathe easy, as Princess Kate is not suffering from her own addiction issues.

Meghan Markle Invited To Pippa Middleton’s Wedding

When Kate Middleton married Prince William she became one of the world’s most famous people overnight. Kate’s sister, Pippa Middleton, was also thrust into the public eye, largely because pictures of her derriere that hit the front page of many of the tabloid newspapers. Pippa Middleton will marry hedge fund millionaire James Matthews on May 20, and her wedding guest list has been the subject of much controversy.

Pippa Middleton Wedding
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It has long been rumored that Ms. Middleton has a “no ring, no bring” policy for her nuptials, meaning that only married couple would be invited. That policy was rumored to have excluded Prince Harry’s girlfriend, Meghan Markle from the celebration. The Telegraph claims that sources have told them that Markle is in fact on the guest list.

Pippa Middleton’s wedding will be the biggest event that Prince Harry and Meghan have attended together. Ms. Markle also recently discontinued her online blog, and she was seen cuddling and kissing Prince Harry at a polo match last weekend. The couple’s public display of affection has sparked further rumors that Prince Harry and Meghan may be set to announce their engagement. Of course, they are unlikely to do so before Pippa Middleton’s wedding, but a royal engagement announcement may be just around the corner.

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