UFO News: Secret UFO File Declassified By U.S. Military, Instructions Given On Photographing UFOs

The U.S. government has declassified another file on UFOs.

In the latest UFO news, the U.S. military has just declassified a document which shows that despite the American government claiming they stopped looking into UFOs during the 1960s, in reality, the United States continued their UFO investigations and were still actively involved with UFO research even in 2002.

Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), this newly declassified document even shows that the US Department of Defense was giving detailed instructions in the form of a manual about how best to photograph UFOs. This once secret document is 27 pages in length and is called DoD Instruction 5040.6, Life-Cycle Management of DoD Visual Information (VI).

The Express reports that in Section 5, Chapter 5 of the freshly declassified government document on UFOs, it gives specific handling instructions depending upon the priority that has been assigned to particular imagery.

“The following table concerns imagery that records UFOs and other aerial phenomena not obviously identifiable as conventional aircraft or missiles. The table also lists the priority assigned to each category of imagery and provides relevant handling instructions.”

The Unarius Academy of Science welcomes UFOs and aliens with car parked near Jamul, CA on October 15, 2000.

The top secret document tells members of the military that if they happen to capture photographs or video footage of UFOs, they should be certain to make digital copies and then send the footage and photographs to the Defense Visual Information Center.

How did this file with the government documents on UFOs end up being declassified in the first place? It was due to the hard work and determination of UFO researcher Paul Dean, who was able to obtain the documents thanks to the Freedom of Information Act. Dean admits to being extremely surprised when he finally received the document on UFOs that he had requested, as he relayed to Mysterious Universe.

“What’s particularly odd about that the table of what to photograph and what not to, is that it doesn’t vaguely say ‘UFOs’. It lays out fully both ‘Unidentified Flying Objects’ with descriptors, and then ‘Aerial Phenomena’ with descriptors. How can they keep a straight face about the UFO issue when they shove it in plain English for the Armed Forces to digest? It’s actually asking for photos of damn UFOs.”

Those who believe in the existence of UFOs and aliens claim that the American government has full knowledge that there have been instances of aliens visiting Earth, but suggest that what they call a “truth embargo” has been set down so that the public will never be aware of these visits.

Steve Bassett of the Paradigm Research Group has spent 20 years of his life trying to get the American government to come clean and stop silencing those individuals he believes have knowledge and proof of UFOs and alien visits, as the Express reported only weeks before this latest UFO file was declassified.

It is Bassett’s opinion that the U.S. government may be getting even closer to releasing further information about aliens and UFOs. Steve Bassett cites the singer of Blink-182, Tom De Longe, as being approached by the Pentagon to help spread the truth about UFOs.

“Tom DeLonge, the singer from Blink-182, who has a keen interest in the subject, went on Coast to Coast AM radio and said, ‘The Pentagon has approached me and wants me to help get information out.’ He talked about being asked to produce a fiction book, non fiction, and a documentary. He said, ‘I have a 10 person advisory committee to help get me information.'”

The 53rd Annual UFO Encounter in Roswell, New Mexico on July 1, 2000.

Steve Bassett asserts that the discussions between DeLonge and the U.S. government were found to be true after WikiLeaks leaked the emails between DeLonge and John Podesta, in which the pair were found to be discussing this alleged UFO project.

What other things do you think the declassified UFO file and documents will reveal? Do you think Steve Bassett is right about the American government wanting to release further information about UFOs and aliens?

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