Could Carrie Underwood Be A Judge On The 2018 'American Idol' Reboot?

Carrie Underwood is one of American Idol's biggest success stories and most recognizable alumni, but could she soon make her way back to the show as a judge?

According to reports, Underwood is a hot topic among producers of both American Idol and The Voice right now. Rumors are swirling that Carrie is in high demand to sit in a judging seat on either the NBC show or Idol, which was announced earlier this week to be heading to its new home, ABC, in 2018.

"The Voice is not taking the return of American Idol lightly and wants to lock down some big names to be exclusive to their show," a source alleged to Hollywood Life this week, claiming that "one name that The Voice wants as a future coach is Carrie Underwood."

"The problem is that American Idol wants Carrie as well," the insider then added, claiming that Underwood – who shot to fame after winning Idol in 2005 – "is in the driver's seat and can really choose her destiny when it comes to doing one of the shows or not."

Carrie has not commented on the rumors she's allegedly in demand with both NBC and ABC, but despite the report, Underwood has admitted in the past that she probably wouldn't be open to the idea of becoming a judge on either show.

Could Carrie Underwood Be A Judge On The 2018 'American Idol' Reboot?
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Confirming in a 2012 interview with PopSugar Australia that she would always be loyal to American Idol – making it pretty unlikely likely she would ever head to The Voice - Underwood said at the time that she doesn't ever see herself making the jump to the judging table.

"I'm all about giving unknowns the chance to make it big. I'm still an Idol girl all the way and will always continue to love and support that show, but any avenues that give people like me a chance to realize their dream are wonderful," Carrie said five years ago, adding that she didn't think she could ever judge others.

"I don't know if I could ever be a judge. I might be better as a mentor," Underwood continued. "I would rather encourage than criticize."

Carrie Underwood made a similar remark to E! News a year later when asked if she could see herself as a judge on American Idol prior to its initial cancelation on Fox, as Carrie revealed she didn't think that making the move from country superstar to talent show judge would be a good fit for her.

"My world's pretty busy," said Underwood, who was gearing up for her role as Maria in NBC's The Sound of Music Live! at the time. "Even if they did ask I'd be like, 'Eh, I don't know. I don't think that would work.'"

Underwood's latest link to both American Idol and The Voice this week comes after Kelly Clarkson made the surprising announcement that she had signed on the dotted line to head to The Voice for Season 14, despite speculation she was in the running to head back to the show she won back in 2002.

Will Carrie Underwood judge on the 2018 'American Idol' reboot?
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But while Kelly won't be a judge due to her new commitments, she previously pushed Underwood's name forward as a possible judge.

"[Carrie] would!" Kelly replied when asked back in 2012 by Us Weekly if she thought Underwood would make a good judge if she decided to sign on the dotted line to become an American Idol judge. "She can have that face… that bluff face! She can put that on! She would be good."

And it's not just Clarkson who thinks Underwood would make a good judge.

As rumors swirl that American Idol and The Voice producers supposedly both want Underwood on their judging panels, Carrie fans have flocked to Twitter to show their support for the star.

"If either show wants me to tune in, I will if they have Carrie," @csduckling16 tweeted amid the speculation surrounding Carrie allegedly being pursued by the two talent shows, while @SireLeoLamar wrote of the rumors, "If American Idol can get Carrie Underwood they could 'possibly' redeem themselves."

Carrie has stayed tight-lipped so far, though she did recently reveal that she's pretty busy being a mom to her 2-year-old son, Isaiah, right now and is also hard at work on new music.

Would you like to see Carrie Underwood as a judge on The Voice or American Idol when it returns next year?

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