CW Confirms Fates Of ‘The Originals,’ ‘iZombie,’ And Two Other Shows

Fans of The CW’s shows finally know the fate of every single series airing on the network right now. After months of waiting to hear about four specific shows, The CW confirmed the fates late on May 10. The Originals, iZombie, Frequency, and No Tomorrow fans can now get ready for the fall. It’s not all good news, but there are two particular fan bases that are extremely happy.

The Originals Season 5 is officially confirmed. While some publications say that the fan’s petition played a part, it is likely due to the ratings holding steady throughout the year. Just three days ago, TV by the Numbers stuck to the idea that The Originals’ renewal was highly likely, sitting at 67 percent chance.


In fact, most publications believed that the Vampire Diaries spinoff would survive. Only one started scare-mongering, leading to fans create the petition to save the show. It was clear to The CW that there were still fans out there tuning in and tweeting about the Mikaelsons every week. Luckily for fans, The CW accepts that most people aren’t going to watch live but will stream or DVR for later.

One show that the Inquisitr had already shared was highly likely for renewal was iZombie. This is another show that The CW is officially bringing back. The same TV by the Numbers report that said The Originals was likely safe and put the iZombie renewal chances at 75 percent.

Like the vampire show, this zombie program has a loyal following. While the numbers were down from the previous season, they remained steady week on week. They were so steady for the first two weeks that rumors instantly spread that a fourth season was highly likely. It would take a disastrous drop in ratings for The CW to decide to cancel this show.

As for this year’s freshman shows, Frequency and No Tomorrow, the news isn’t good. Both have been canceled, which isn’t that surprising. The ratings were extremely poor, even for The CW’s standards. Sitting at 0.25 million in the demographic, it was clear that even a move to the midseason lineup wasn’t going to save them.

However, this does open two more spots in the fall lineup for the 2017-2018 season. It is unlikely that The Originals Season 5 will take up one of those spots. The ratings are too low to justify that move. Riverdale Season 2 may take up one of the spots, rather than sticking with a midseason lineup. It wouldn’t be the first time The CW would try out a fall lineup for a sophomore show. Both The 100 and iZombie were moved to fall lineups for their second seasons, but they then moved back to midseason lineups for their third seasons due to low ratings.

The CW has picked up four new shows for the 2017-2018 season. Three dramas and one comedy will need to fit into the schedule, filling the spaces for the four shows that the network will no longer have on the air — The Vampire Diaries wrapped in March, and Reign will end next month.


Black Lightning will likely take a fall spot. This is another DC superhero show, focusing on a teacher who is also a retired superhero. The CW is arguably playing it safe with this addition, considering four other DC shows have already proven very popular with the viewers. All four other DC shows have been renewed for the season. This is a show that was originally offered to FOX, but The CW has picked it up, possibly since Supergirl has proven more viable on the younger network. NBC did attempt a DC show with Powerless, but it was canceled after just one season.

A Dynasty reboot from the creators of Gossip Girl has been confirmed. Nathalie Kelley will play the role of Cristal, who is engaged to Black Carrington. This proposal will certainly cause some family drama.

As for the third drama, Matt Barr and Christina Ochoa will return to TV screens in Valor. The U.S. air base drama will focus on helicopter pilots investigating problems in clandestine missions.


Lucy Hale will move from Freeform (she’s currently in the final episodes of Pretty Little Liars) to The CW with comedy Life Sentence. After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, her character learns that she has been misdiagnosed. All the bad decisions she made when believing she was dying will come back to haunt her.

[Featured Image by The CW]