Amber Portwood Business: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Criticized Over ‘Self Made’ Attitude?

Amber Portwood is trying to get herself back on track after returning home from jail. Other than staying sober and having control of her anger issues, this Teen Mom OG star is focusing on her future. Portwood recently launched her own online store where she resells clothing that has already been produced. She’s not the designer of the clothes as many people think, but Amber is inspiring young people with her hard work and her online business.

According to a new tweet, Amber Portwood is now being criticized for the way she’s acting in regard to her business. Of course, the criticism isn’t directed at Amber alone, as this person feels that all of the Teen Mom stars are acting as if they are self-made even though MTV’s money is behind their success and their financial freedom.


“Thank you for all the amazing love and beautiful comments! I really love and appreciate you all..sending so much love back #beautifulsouls,” Amber Portwood revealed on Twitter, sharing that she was thankful for all of the advice, inspirational quotes, and compliments she was receiving on social media.

Of course, people have congratulated Amber Portwood on her business success, as many people are buying her clothing. It sounds like it’s going well, and she has created a profitable venture. However, some people are slamming the Teen Mom stars for thinking they are self-made and successful business people.

“Kills me how teen mom girls act like they’re self-made and started all these businesses. It’s easy to start a business when u have money,” her Twitter follower wrote on the social media network.


“He’ll have some of that money. Lmao it kills me seeing you all blow all that $ but remember that MTV $ will be gone one day. Plus your man is with u for the MTV $. I don’t blame him I’d use all that money and flip houses and buy sh*t bc when MTV over and he leaves. Just given to u lol I’d love to see the profit margins,” the follower wrote to Amber Portwood.

“Kills me seeing yall complain and cry when u just have money given to u. Just given to u lol id love to see the profit margins. Kills me seeing yall complain and cry when u just have money given to u. All these businesses they have are from MTV money smh they wouldn’t be “business women” w.o that $. Must be nice not to have a loan or save $. They should make a teen mom were MTV doesn’t give them money and they have to work like regular people,” the follower continued.

Of course, Amber isn’t the only person who has started a business because of the Teen Mom platform. Maci Bookout also bought a t-shirt company and grew it thanks to her Teen Mom fans. It does appear easier to run a business when you have a product you can market to people who are already following you on social media, see you on television and are already buying your books. While it does seem like harsh criticism, the Twitter follower does have a point. Amber and the other girls shouldn’t act like they are self-made because they were given a platform to market their products. And for Portwood, the clothing isn’t something she has designed, and she hasn’t manufactured them. She’s merely an online reseller.

What do you think of Amber Portwood’s business sense? Do you think she had a good idea to resell clothing or do you think she’s just making money because of the Teen Mom fame and the platform that MTV had already provided for her?

[Featured Image by Rich Polk/Getty Images for MTV]