‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Week Of May 15 To May 19 Brings Reunions And Heartbreak

Days of Our Lives fans have an exciting week coming. Not only will there be a reunion everyone has been waiting for, but also some romance and lots of intrigue. The following will contain Days of Our Lives spoilers. Don’t continue to read if you don’t want to know.

Chad finds himself in need of some advice about the amulet he has managed to get. Lucky for him, Gabi is there to turn to. Days of Our Lives fan will see the two team up only to find themselves in trouble on the streets of Greece. Eli is frustrated that Gabi has gotten involved with Chad yet again, but Lani is supportive and gives Eli some advice. Chad’s problems back in Salem are growing quickly, however.


Dario is getting his Days of Our Lives dream girl. Abigail is planning to divorce Chad to marry Dario so that he won’t be deported. Now she has to explain her decision to end her marriage with her son’s father. Days of Our Lives fans will see Abigail and Dario working out the details of a marriage that is only intended to keep him in Salem.

Eric comes up with a new plan to get Nicole and Holly to the plane. They are finally free from the clutches of Xander. Days of Our Lives fans are in for a surprising confession from Xander to Eric. And just because Nicole is free doesn’t mean that Xander is through blackmailing Deimos. Between Xander turning on him, then Sonny and Paul on to him, Deimos has some problems. And some life-threatening ones.

John is finally back in Salem and Marlena can breathe a sigh of relief. Brady lays in the hospital only getting worse. As Days of Our Lives fans watch Brady’s health decline, the doctors are on the hunt for a new heart. Daniel’s heart can’t take much more, and Brady needs a new one right away. And just when it can’t get worse for Brady, it does get worse. He is out of time, and a heart needs to come from somewhere stat. John is by his son’s side encouraging him to fight.

Chloe is back in Salem, and just her presence is enough to stir the pot on Days of Our Lives. Dario realizes he may have something in common with her. Lucas, on the other hand, has a bone to pick with her.

Days of Our Lives viewers watched as Adrienne made her choice between Lucas and Justin. Now Steve has to remind Justin that Adrienne is where she wants to be and he needs to let the two go on with their life together. Meanwhile, Adrienne reaches out to her nephew Tripp. She wants him to try to see the good in his father. Of course, Tripp has Jade in his other ear talking bad about Kayla and everything she has ever done wrong on Days of Our Lives. Will he begin to see how manipulative and vindictive his new roommate can be?


According to She Knows, Theo reaches his boiling point with Wyatt. He spills the beans. Ciara learns that not only was meeting Wyatt online planned, but Theo admits his part in it. The long-time Days of Our Lives friendship may be in danger.

Check back with the Inquisitr as more news becomes available. We will be here with all the answers on Brady, Nicole and the rest of the Days of Our Lives family.

Do you think Brady will get a heart in time to save his life? Will Nicole make it back to Salem in time to be by his side? Is Deimos about to face karmic justice for his past sins on Days of Our Lives? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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