‘Little People, Big World’ Baby On The Way: Zach And Tori Name Their Son, Tori In Labor?

Zach Roloff/Instagram

Little People, Big World stars Zach and Tori Roloff are about to become first-time parents and fans can’t wait to see the first pics of the couple’s baby boy. The nursery is ready, the couple agreed to disagree about their son’s name, and Tori’s contractions have begun. Here’s the latest on the impending arrival of Zach and Tori Roloff’s baby, including their discussion about their son’s name.

It’s an exciting time for the couple. Right now, all the LPBW stars are focused on is delivering a healthy baby, despite the news from their doctor that the baby could suffer from dwarfism. Tori is now a little over 38 weeks pregnant and that means the baby could arrive any day.

And from the looks of Zach’s latest Instagram post (pic below), Tori has dropped, something that often indicates that the couple’s baby is ready to make his entrance into the world. Or, like many first time babies, Baby Roloff could take his sweet time and arrive at the 40-week mark, give or take a few days.


Fans may not know exactly when Tori heads to the hospital to give birth, but chances are the news will spread on social media as soon as she is admitted. There’s not much privacy in the celebrity world, but Zach and Tori have been great about sharing the latest news about their baby-to-be, fans can expect to hear the big news from the couple as soon as Baby Roloff arrives.

Zach and Tori discuss baby names

And speaking of Baby Roloff, when will we know what name the couple decided on? According to People magazine, Zach and Tori didn’t initially agree on names for their son. That’s not unusual. Most couples have differing opinions when it comes to naming their newborn baby — it’s just part of the process.

In a clip from an episode of Little People, Big World(above), Tori tells Zach that she would love to name their son Noah. But Zach has a few other names in mind, including Timothy, Zack, and Mikey. These are all fairly traditional names, but they didn’t seem to agree on any of them. That’s when the more unusual names started coming out, with Tori telling Zach that she likes the name Malachi, to which Zach responded with another suggestion — the Bible-inspired name, Boaz.

So, what will they name their son when he arrives in what could be just days? The Little People, Big World stars are keeping their decision under wraps, so stay tuned for their big announcement after Tori gives birth.

When will Baby Roloff arrive?

Two weeks ago, Tori shared with her Instagram followers that she felt her first contraction. This is likely what’s called Braxton Hicks contractions. What To Expect explains that these contractions are just a warmup for the big event, but it’s an indication that the little guy is prepping to make his grand entrance.


Although this is an exciting time for Little People, Big World stars Zach and Tori Roloff, the possibility that their son could suffer from dwarfism is something that is weighing on their minds. In a teaser for the show’s season premiere that aired on May 2, fans saw how troubled Zach was when he told his mother, Amy, that the baby could have the same condition he does.

“We went to the doctor’s yesterday,” Zach told his mother. “It’s not for sure, but all the limbs are measuring below average.”

With just days to go before Zach and Tori’s baby arrives, there is one thing fans know for sure about the Roloff baby — his parents are in love and are overjoyed that they will soon welcome their son into the world.

“You are the best husband a girl could ask for and I just thank God I can spend my days next to you,” Tori captioned a recent Instagram post. “I can’t wait to see you become a father to our first child because I know it will only make me fall deeper in love with you. Love you babe uh.”


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