‘Suspicious Partner’ Episode 3-4 Recap: Ji Chang Wook Brings Courtroom Alive, No Ji Wook Saves Eun Bong Hee

Suspicious Partner Episodes 3 to 4 picks up from the events leading to Eun Bong Hee’s (Nam Ji-hyun) discovery of Jang Hee Jun’s (Chansung) body in her home. Bong Hee was struggling to write a thank you note for No Ji Wook (Ji Chang-wook). She ended up reminiscing about their supposed one-night stand. Frustrated by her inability to remember what happened, she decided to get some air. Coincidentally, a crime was committed right across her but she had no idea about it since she was not wearing her glasses or contact lenses.

Suspicious Partner Episode 3 filled up some gaps which were left out on Episode 2. On her way home, Bong Hee met a guy who was riding a bike while whistling. Bong Hee and the guy stopped momentarily when they crossed paths. In the closing scene of Suspicious Partner Episode 2, Bong Hee went out to buy beer from the convenience store. As luck would have it, Hee Jun decided to pay Bong Hee a visit while she was out.

Suspicious Partner Episode 3

Since Bong Hee did not change her passcode, Jang Hee entered her unit anyway. The murderer who spotted Bong Hee looking out of the window decided to go after her. Instead of killing Bong Hee, he stabbed Hee Jun who just entered Bong Hee’s place. As revealed in Suspicious Partner Episode 2, Bong Hee saw Hee Jun’s bloody corpse when she returned and called an ambulance right away.

Amidst the confusion, Bong Hee found herself being interrogated by the Police. She is in a difficult position since she is a possible suspect. Na Ji Hae (Kim Ye-won) also turned up at the station accusing her of putting her words into action. In the first two episodes of Suspicious Partner, Bong Hee cursed Hee Jun constantly. Given her untenable situation, Bong Hee finds herself behind bars.

Meanwhile, Ji Wook dreamed of the fake monk he met as a child. The monk told him he will meet a woman who will mess up with her life in the future. He woke up just in time to pick up Bong Hee’s call. The insufferable woman he met in Suspicious Partner Episode 1 asked for help since she was arrested without a warrant as the main suspect for murder. Ji Wook rushed to the station and scolded Bong Hee for her stupidity.


In Suspicious Partner Episode 1, Ji Wook was named one of the worst prosecutors since he had the highest conviction rate. Since Hee Jun is the District Attorney’s son, Ji Wook is called into his superior’s office. He was ordered to give Bong Hee the maximum sentence or he could end up losing his position as a prosecutor. Ji Wook interrogated Bong Hee but all his efforts were in vain. Bong Hee denied she killed Hee Jun and, instead, decided to put her trust on Ji Wook.


Since the victim is the DA’s son, no lawyer wants to be Bong Hee’s defendant. To help her out, Ji Wook asked Ji Eun Hyuk (Choi Tae-joon) for a favor. Eun Hyuk decided to represent Bong Hee since Ji Wook asked him to do it. Meanwhile, Ji Wook did his best to investigate the murder. He paid a visit to Bong Hee’s house to find out what could have happened. While there, he had a theory that Bong Hee witnessed something, the killer went after her but killed Hee Jun instead.

Ji Wook also found Bong Hee’s photo and thought she looked familiar. His assistant also found Bong Hee’s diary where she wrote down how annoying Ji Wook is. While there, they received a call that a knife matching the murder weapon was spotted seven kilometers away. At the same time, another weapon caught Ji Wook’s eye and it was hidden under the fridge. Suspicious Partner Episode 3 ends with Ji Wook holding the weapon was found.

Suspicious Partner Episode 4

Suspicious Partner Episode 3 ended with Ji Wook finding two murder weapons on hand, and he decided to have both tested. He asked the lab to keep the results confidential. If Hee Jun’s DNA is detected in both weapons, he would have enough reason to discharge Bong Hee’s case.

The trial is the main subject of Suspicious Partner Episode 4. During the trial, Ji Hae testified against Bong Hee claiming she threatened to kill Hee Jun. Eun Hyuk was quick to defend that Ji Hae threatened to kill Bong Hee at the police station after hearing about Hee Jun’s death.

The next to testify was Bong Hee’s classmate whom she rejected in Suspicious Partner Episode 2. Eun Hyuk was quick to point out that the witness held a grudge against Bong Hee. The proceedings went on smoothly until it was Bong Hee’s turn to be interrogated. One statement caused much controversy and became the subject of news headlines.

“I’m pretty sure a lot of women have wanted to kill their boyfriends and husbands at a certain time in their lives.”

Right after the hearing, No Ji Wook received the results of the DNA test conducted on the murder weapons discovered in Suspicious Partner Episode 3. While deciding what to do, Ji Wook looked back on his dreams of becoming a prosecutor, and how his father inspired him to become one.

When the trial resumed the next day, Ji Wook submitted the additional evidence -the knife found in Bong Hee’s home and asked that the suspect be imprisoned for 15 years. Eun Hyuk proceeded to his closing argument but Ji Wook decided to interrupt his speech. Instead of bowing to the District Attorney who threatened him in Suspicious Partner Episode 3, Ji Wook presented additional evidence -the murder weapon found in another location.


Given the additional evidence discovered in the previous episode of Suspicious Partner, the murder weapons were inadmissible, and Ji Wook moved to dismiss the charge. This will prevent the prosecution to appeal without submitting additional evidence. The District Attorney was enraged to know what Ji Wook did, slapped him mercilessly, and relieved him from his position.

While Bong Hee left the court, she heard a familiar whistle among the reporters who wanted to get a statement from her. Recognizing the sound, she stopped in her tracks, but Eun Hyuk asked her to get inside the vehicle.

In the closing scenes of Suspicious Partner Episode 3, Ji Wook cleared his office and saw Bong Hee waiting for him outside the prosecutor’s office. Bong Hee knew he made a big sacrifice by dismissing the charges. Ji Wook noted that the two of them met by fate, and Bong Hee agreed he was her destiny. However, Ji Wook’s next statement took Bong Hee aback.

“An ill-fated encounter. So, let’s never cross paths again.”

Suspicious Partner Episode 4 ended with Ji Wook hoping to sever ties with Bong Hee forever, but based on the episode preview, their fates are intertwined.

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