Utah Man Tyerell Przybycien Charged With Murder After Allegedly Assisting In And Recording Teen Girl’s Suicide

In a shocking case of “assisted suicide,” Utah man Tyerell Przybycien has been charged with murder for allegedly aiding and abetting a 16-year-old girl in taking her own life last weekend. The crime took place in Payson Canyon, just south of Provo, Utah, and was uncovered on May 6, when hunters made a gruesome discovery. As Fox 13 Now reports, the group of turkey hunters called police just before 7 a.m. on Saturday morning, after finding the 16-year-old victim hanging dead from a tree.

According to Sergeant Spencer Cannon of the Utah County Sheriff’s Department, officers and other first responders were dispatched to the Maple Lake campground in Payson Canyon. There, they found a tragic scene; 16-year-old Jchandra Brown was deceased, hanging from a tree. The victim, a student at nearby Spanish Fork High School, and a resident of Spanish Fork, had been reported missing by her mother when she failed to come home from work the night before.


As police were investigating the scene of the crime, an apparent suicide, they were approached by Tyerell Przybycien. The 18-year-old Utah man, also a student at Spanish Fork High School (reportedly, he hadn’t attended classes since March), reportedly admitted to officers that he had been directly involved in the girl’s death.

“As they were conducting that part of the investigation, a young man comes up to them and says, ‘I know who this girl is, and I was here when she died.'”

That young man, Tyerell Przybcien, told police that he was a friend of the victim. He claimed that he had become somewhat obsessed with death and wanted to watch someone’s life end. Przybcien further claimed to be a friend of the deceased teen.

“He expressed to them that he had some fascination with death, and he wanted to know what it was like to see someone die.”

Upon further investigation, first responders discovered receipts that indicated that Tyerell Przybcien’s credit card had been used to purchase both the rope used in the hanging, as well as a can of aerosol spray the 16-year-old “huffed” while standing on a rock with the rope wrapped around her neck.

What’s more, Utah man Tyerell Przybcien also allegedly recorded the death of 16-year-old on his cell phone. Investigators are now in possession of that recording, and according to Sergeant Cannon, it paints a very grim picture of Tyerell Przybcien and his involvement in the victim’s tragic and preventable death.

“As he’s recording her, she passes out. Her weight goes down on the rope and she’s hanging there. He does nothing to try and talk her out of this, does nothing to physically keep her from doing it. In fact, while she’s doing this you can see him go up on the recording and check to verify that she’s dead, and then he leaves the scene.”


As KSL News reports, first responders found two plastic grocery bags near the still-hanging body of the victim when they began to catalog the scene. One of those bags reportedly contained a cellular phone and a suicide note identifying and handwritten by the victim. That note purportedly referred authorities to a video on her phone, which is said to have explained her decision to end her life. The bag also contained a credit card receipt for the purchase of the rope allegedly used in the teen’s hanging, identifying the name on the credit card as belonging to Tyerell Przybcien.

Przybycien also reportedly admitted to purchasing both the aerosol spray (it has been described as a can of air duster) and rope used in his classmate and friend’s suicide. In addition, the Utah man claimed that he picked the victim up from work, drove her to the Payson Canyon campground and even helped her tie the noose that would end her life. As she stood unconscious and dying, Tyerell Przybycien did not render aid, or in any way attempt to get help.


It has also been reported that Przybycien told police that he had told the 16-year-old victim that he was going to kill himself, too. The Utah man also reportedly expressed guilt for what he had done. According to documents in the case, Przybycien texted a friend late Friday night and admitted to what he had done.

“Bro It happened. I helped her do it too and I feel so guilty.”

Investigators claim prior to allegedly assisting Jchandra Brown in committing suicide last Friday, Tyerell Przybycien had texted a friend and asked them what they would do if they knew that someone was contemplating ending their life. That friend responded that they would try to “talk them out of it.” Allegedly, Przybycien replied that he would do the opposite, that he would help kill them. Because he wanted to. Because it would be akin to getting away with murder.

“The thing is … I wanna help kill them. It be awesome. Seriously im going to help her. Its like getting away with murder! Im so (expletive) up. I’m seriously not joking. Its going down in about a week or two.”


Tyerell Przybycien was taken into custody after his confession last weekend and appeared in Utah’s 4th District Court Thursday. There, the Utah man was charged with first-degree felony murder and desecration of a human body, a class B misdemeanor. According to prosecutor Chad Grunander, he and the State of Utah are “comfortable” with the decision to pursue a murder conviction in the case.

“This is not reckless endangerment. We did not feel like a class A misdemeanor was sufficient for this conduct and what resulted to this young girl.”

What do you think? Is a murder charge appropriate in the case of Tyerell Przybycien? Or should the Utah man face a lessor charge or even not be charged at all in connection with the death of 16-year-old Jchandra Brown? Let us know in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Utah County Sheriff’s Department]