‘Mountain Monsters’ Heats Up As Something Ominious Stalks The AIMS Team [Spoilers]

On the next episode of Mountain Monsters titled “Huckleberry’s Predator,” viewers will discover exactly what is going on between Jeff and Trapper. The rest of the Mountain Monsters team aren’t happy to discover what was done behind their backs, and according to Critical Blast, they feel betrayed. Trapper reminds them that he is the leader of the team and is still making most of the plans and decisions, and although they’re still uneasy about what has occurred, AIMS (Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings) team members Buck, Huckleberry, and Wild Bill try to put it behind them. Although this Mountain Monsters team finds itself somewhat fractured, they must discover what is going on.

The Dark Forest doesn’t want to give up any secrets, but there are others who are reluctant to reveal their secrets as well. Although he denies it, Buck and Huckleberry are certain that Jeff is still keeping things from them, which could be dangerous for the entire Mountain Monsters group. The Mountain Monsters team pulls itself back together somewhat as they examine the trap Willy and Wild Bill have built to capture the Black Wolf. After deciding it should hold the wolf, Buck suggests that they conduct a night investigation to determine what kind of bait they should use to attract the creature. This paves the way for another chaotic night for the Mountain Monsters group as they traverse the eerie forest.

Huckleberry eventually finds himself alone at camp, and he tells a bizarre story to the Mountain Monsters cameraman that stayed behind with him. He has felt for quite some time that something or someone has been watching the Mountain Monsters team, and describes what it is that he saw. He explains that the reason he is telling this particular story is because what he has seen is now there with them, and he warns the cameraman not to turn around. He watches as the creature goes into the cabin that Wild Bill and Willy constructed, and he decides to follow. He discovers tracks on the ground, which seem to disappear within the room where the cots are set up. As he looks around there is a strange noise like a low growl, then something happens that causes Huckleberry to shout out and the camera falls to the ground.

Meanwhile, Buck is having problems of his own and disappears for over an hour and a half. When his Mountain Monsters cameraman finally finds him, he is acting strangely. Wild Bill and Willy are having an adventure of their own as they follow Jeff and the group of men he has infiltrated with Trapper’s blessing. This other group are the ones who set the trap lines and he is trying to find out why they are monitoring the Dark Forest. When Wild Bill and Willy hear gunshots and hear on a stolen 2-way radio that Jeff is down and bleeding, the two Mountain Monster teammates become worried for Jeff, and after searching for him, they eventually find him sitting with his back against a tree. A sneak-peek video reveals that Jeff has blood streaming from his nose again and at first they think he’s been shot. He assures them he’s fine, and they help him to his feet. Eventually, they meet up with Buck who seems to be back to normal, and everyone heads for base camp.

When they arrive, Huckleberry is nowhere to be found and they notice the door to the cabin is open. What they find stuns them all, and once again Mountain Monsters will leave fans on the edge of their seats wondering what is going on inside the malevolent and dangerous Dark Forest. With only three Mountain Monsters episodes left after this one, the AIMS team seems to be running out of time to capture both the Black Wolf and the Woman of the Woods, all while dodging another group of people in the area.

The Futon Critic notes that for the daring men of Mountain Monsters, there’s more supernatural warfare ahead than the team had bargained for. With so much against them, they will have to put everything aside and rise to the challenge in order to get the answers to their questions and to complete the quest they set for themselves.

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