Blac Chyna Got A Shiny New Red Car For Her Birthday, But Who Bought It For Her?

Blac Chyna turned 29-years-old on May 11, 2017. Her Snapchat followers were treated to a picture of one her birthday presents. It was a luxurious, bright red sports car with a bow on it. She found it in her driveway. Fans are now wondering if it is an attempt on Rob Kardashian’s part to win back Blac Chyna. Or is Tyga trying to get back into her life?

Most people only wish for things like money, a brand new car, or something equally expensive when birthdays roll around. Rarely ever do we find something like Blac Chyna’s birthday present. That would be a treat. For Blac Chyna it is a reality though. Blac Chyna showed off her birthday car in her driveway this morning on Snapchat, says Hollywood Life, but she didn’t answer the question that all fans are asking: Who is it from? Fans are going crazy trying to guess who loves Blac Chyna enough to spend that much money on her.


There are two people that may have given her that gift. One is obviously Rob Kardashian, who is her ex-fiance and the father of her daughter, Dream. Rob and Blac Chyna are constantly breaking up and getting back together again so it wouldn’t be a surprise if he made a big display of showing her how much he loves her.


Then again, she and Tyga have been pretty friendly lately, and Tyga has even said that he would help her raise Dream if that is what it would take to get back together with Blac Chyna. It wouldn’t be a stretch since Blac Chyna and Tyga are already connected through their child, King Cairo. If they got back together again, Tyga and Blac Chyna would have the perfect little family with a son and a daughter.

Fans saw Tyga and Blac Chyna together at a Las Vega party and got excited at the prospect of them being together again. They make such a cute couple. And since Rob Kardashian doesn’t seem to be making too much of a big deal about spending time with either Blac Chyna or his daughter, maybe she’s realizing that Tyga would be a much better prospect for her and her children.


Regarding Tyga’s feelings for Blac Chyna, an anonymous source told Hollywood Life the following.

“He knows Chyna could use the help. She’s working overtime and busting her a** to make ends meet and Rob ain’t doing sh** to help or contribute. He’s always playing the victim.” That doesn’t sound like the kind of man any woman would want in her life.

On the other hand, maybe Rob has noticed Tyga hanging around and knows that he would need to do something big to get back into Blac Chyna’s good graces. A shiny red car could get that kind of attention.

Rob might have to do a lot more than just give her an expensive gift like a shiny red sports car, though. Blac Chyna knows exactly where the money would have come from if he did give her something like that. She would surely know that the money would have to come from Kris Kardashian. Blac Chyna does love the fact that Tyga makes his own money and is a hard worker, and he’s been hustling lately by working on new music, doing shows, and promoting his brand. This could inspire Blac Chyna to take him seriously and consider taking him back into her life.

What do you think? Who bought that shiny red sports car for Blac Chyna? Was it Rob Kardashian or was it Tyga? Who is trying to buy his way back into Blac Chyna’s life?

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