'Last Man Standing' Canceled With 8.1M Viewers: Fans Boycott ABC Over Tim Allen’s Conservative Christian Role

According to Google Trends, Last Man Standing has gotten more than 50,000 searches on Thursday, May 11. The shocking news about the cancelation of Last Man Standing has brought a big reaction from fans who are questioning the motives behind the cancelation. As reported by Variety, Tim Allen's sitcom was canceled after six seasons. Fans claim that the solid ratings of Last Man Standing should have kept it alive for more seasons in the Friday night slot at 8 p.m. However, Variety reports that the ratings have waned as of late, in spite of conflicting reports for publications that give Last Man Standing a solid 8.1 million viewers in the most recent season.

With Allen's lead character in Last Man Standing being a conservative dad who waxes on about Obamacare and other political topics, fans are blaming liberal policies on the cancelation of Last Man Standing, and some fans are talking about boycotting the network as a result of the cancellation.

According to UPI, Last Man Standing centers around a family in Colorado, and Allen's character is a conservative father with three grown daughters who markets sporting goods stores. But fans of Last Man Standing can only look back to the final episode that aired March 31. The buzz is that the network plans to go in a different direction potentially for the 8:30 p.m. Friday night slot as well as replacing Last Man Standing with other programming.

As reported by Deadline, the ratings of Last Man Standing did not suffer that much, with the publication calling Last Man Standing the perfect sitcom during the reign of President Donald Trump. However, there will be no Season 7 of Last Man Standing, even though 8.1 million people viewed the comedy during its last season. It wasn't known if Last Man Standing would be renewed at the last minute, with the costs of Last Man Standing being what they are due to Allen's salary, but there weren't negotiations with 20th Century Fox TV over cutting down license fees this time.

Instead, Last Man Standing became the last man falling, and ABC did not bargain to keep Last Man Standing alive for at least one more season. The fact that Allen's character was a conservative Christian who held dear to traditional values gave Last Man Standing an alluring appeal to a certain demographic, and that same demographic is decrying the cancelation of Last Man Standing when the show still had so many viewers.

Fans are begging other networks to pick up Last Man Standing, and leaving comments like the following on social media, begging Netflix to pick up the sitcom.
"So Last Man Standing had its highest ratings last year, But ABC cancelled? it couldn't be because of politics. ABC is garbage "

"Absolutely was due to his views. Last Man Standing is one of the best shows on TV. Liberal legacy media is sealing their own fate."

" gets cancelled by yet they bring back ?? You suck ABC!!!"

"Last Man Standing got cancelled:( I really hate Hollywood. "

"Yo Wanna do something great- How about you pick up "

"Just found out ABC cancelled Last Man Standing!!! GRRR!!"

"So why exactly was Tim Allen's Last Man Standing cancelled? It wasn't because of ratings."

"Last Man Standing canceled! Not happy! My favorite sitcom. The only one that I watch! We love Tim Allen in GA! "

" please one of you pick up "

"After hitting TV ratings highs, Last Man Standing (a sitcom featuring a conservative character played by Tim Allen) is cancelled by ABC."

"Love Last Man Standing, hope someone picks up the show for a new season "

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