Johnny Depp 2017: Actor Fed Lines Through Earpiece? Jessica Chastain Weighs In

Amid allegations that Johnny Depp is fed lines on the set of his movies through an earpiece, fellow actor Jessica Chastain is sharing her thoughts.

A new clip of Chastain in a press junket interview for Miss Sloane has gone viral online. A reporter for BBC News speaks about the rumors that Depp is given lines in an earpiece on set, asking Chastain if she has any specific technique for remembering her lines. Chastain’s initial reaction has already been turned into a GIF:


“No, I guess my technique is working hard,” Chastain states, before delving into the acting process for her titular character in Miss Sloane.

Whether Chastain gave the eyeroll in response to the question itself, Depp or a combination of both, it’s unclear. This has not stopped the internet from having a field day with Chastain’s reaction, as seen below.


Chastain and Depp have yet to work together. The actress has not commented publicly on the now-famous moment.

Rumors of Depp being fed lines on set comes from the actor’s lawsuit against his former financial managers for fraud, as reported by the Telegraph. The Management Group, the financial managers’ company, then counter-sued and accused him of excessive spending, some of which was allegedly paying a sound engineer hundreds of thousands of dollars to feed him lines.

“Depp insisted that this sound engineer be kept on yearly retainer so that he no longer had to memorize his lines,” said Michael Kump, the financial group’s lawyer.

Kump further explained that paying this sound engineer was part of Depp having a “compulsive spending disorder.”

“Depp’s extravagant spending has often been marked by a lack of impulse control. In retrospect, it appears that Depp may suffer from a compulsive spending disorder, which will be proven in this action through a mental examination of Depp and expert testimony. On information and belief Depp’s flagrant bragging about his senseless and extreme spending to The Wall Street Journal is further evidence of his psychological issues.”

Meanwhile, Depp’s camp is claiming that Kump’s statements are a “smear.”

“The defendants’ decided their only defense is psychobabble,” said Depp’s lawyer, Adam Waldman, in a statement. “This is how guilty people respond when confronted with the detailed results of a nine month legal and forensic investigation conducted by four firms.”
Johnny Depp Johnny Depp [Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]

This lawsuit and claim comes amid a wide swath of bad press for Depp of late. A new wide-ranging Hollywood Reporter story tells of Depp frequently being late and causing problems on the set of his upcoming film, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. A production source explained that Depp was heavily drinking and often late, getting to such an extreme that his former agent, Tracey Jacobs, reportedly confronted Pirates producer Jerry Bruckheimer about it.

“She went over to Jerry and said, ‘You’ve got to do something! You’re the producer,’ He said, ‘You do something. You’re the agent.'” the source said. “Everyone was an innocent bystander watching this train wreck. But when Johnny came on set, he was charming, nice. He’s yin and yang.”

Bruckheimer, who denied the aforementioned squabble with Depp’s agent, defended the actor’s more eccentric and erratic behavior.

“You’ve got to understand the kind of pressure Johnny was under in Australia. At times helicopters would follow him home. There would be so many media outside his gates that trucks were feeding them. There was so much stuff made up about him: that Johnny had a fight on set and had gone back to the States, which we both read about while we were in his trailer.”

This also comes after Depp’s very public divorce from Amber Heard, who accused the actor of verbally and physically abusing him. The case was ultimately settled, with Heard receiving $7 million in the end, and the pair divorced on Jan. 13, 2017 after almost two years of marriage.

In addition to Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Depp has a pair of new movies coming out in 2017, Murder on the Orient Express and LAbyrinth.

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