Kate Gosselin Shares Touching Post As The Sextuplets Enter The Teenage Years

Kate Gosselin is officially the mother of eight teenagers. The sextuplets just celebrated their 13th birthday, which has come as quite a shock to fans who have followed the Gosselin’s various reality television shows. Kate Plus 8 is the current show, but there has been at least one other. Kate and Jon Gosselin divorced and have been locked in a court battle for quite some time. There has been plenty of drama surrounding them and their children, but TLC decided to keep them on the air.

With the sextuplets turning 13, there has been a lot of talk about Kate Gosselin and how she parents her children. There is one set of twins older than the younger children, and they have been dubbed as defiant in recent years. While Gosselin doesn’t claim to be super mom, she has acknowledged that there is strict discipline in her home. Seeing the softer side of Kate is rare, but apparently, a birthday with this kind of significance brought it out. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Kate Gosselin shared a beautiful Instagram tribute to her sextuplets. She wrote words that many mothers could echo in their own situations, touching upon being there for her children always. Another photograph showed a preemie diaper like the ones the children wore while in the NICU after their birth. It was a sentimental day in the Gosselin household.

Jon Gosselin was able to see four of the six children for their birthday, which was celebrated with him this past Monday. Hannah, Leah, Aaden, and Joel were all able to visit with their father while Collin and Alexis were missing. There have been some issues with Collin Gosselin, but just what is unclear without much detail being provided to the media. Rumors have circulated that he has some behavioral disorders, but neither Kate or Jon has issued a statement. In fact, Jon alleges that his ex-wife won’t even allow him to visit their son who is not staying in the home where the other children reside. It is a complex situation and one that gets messier by the day.

The way Kate Gosselin enforces rules with her children has been highly criticized. She was recently called a dictator because of the way she acts when the twins and sextuplets come home from their father’s house. She reportedly searches them for any devices that could record or take photos. This is alleged because she doesn’t trust Jon Gosselin and believes he isn’t above using their children in court to take her down. They have to arrive at his house in their school uniforms and return to her house in the same uniforms. Gosselin doesn’t allow clothing swaps and what is at her house stays there, no going back and forth. Some fans have called her extreme, while others have taken up for her, reminding viewers that Jon has been sneaky in the past.

Seeing Kate Gosselin come out of her shell and share a personal post about her sextuplets was something many fans appreciated. She has had her hands full raising two sets of multiples adding up to eight children. Gosselin is now faced with a new reality of a house full of teenagers. Soon the older girls will move out and go to college, and she will be with the sextuplets during their crucial years. Kate Plus 8 is still on the air, and fans will get to follow along as Gosselin navigates the world of having all teenagers, with only three of them being boys. In 13 years, things have changed a lot. Kate Gosselin was once a mother of eight small children, and now she gets to experience the teenage years with all of her children, who have grown up in front of the world.

[Featured Image by Kris Connor/Getty Images]