‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jake’s Chimera Mystery Solved, Helena’s Nurses’ Ball Disaster?

General Hospital spoilers tease that Jake’s Chimera mystery will finally be solved, while Helena’s gift reveals a mystery and causes a disaster at the Nurses’ Ball.

Jake’s birthday present.

Jake Webber (Hudson West) gets a gift that may be the key to unraveling the Chimera mystery.

General Hospital spoilers hint that he will get the birthday present from Spencer Cassadine (Nicolas Bechtel). Spencer will soon be returning to Port Charles for the first time since Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) tried to kidnap him.

Spoilers on Celeb Dirty Laundry say that the delivery guy who drops off the present will also be a hint to fans. The delivery guy will be the same man who was on Cassadine Island, and he is Helena’s minion. So the gift, which is a magic set, is really from Helena (Constance Towers), not Spencer.

What’s in store for Franco now that Jason’s turned the tables on him? #GH #GeneralHospital

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Helena uses Spencer’s name on the package so that Liz (Rebecca Herbst) would sign for it and let it into her house. She would never agree to let Jake have a gift from Helena.

The Chimera will be hidden away in a secret compartment, and Jake is told not to let anyone else see it. The Chimera was emblazoned on a metal container that is clearly a clue to the mystery.

In honor of her surprise appearance this week, today’s throwback pays homage to the formidable Constance Towers. #GH #GeneralHospital #TBT #ThrowbackThursday

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How long will Jake be able to keep whatever is inside this metal container a secret from his parents? And what will they do once they figure out what he is hiding?

Jake’s birthday and the Chimera gift both represent that something is about to go down in Port Charles.

What’s in store for Franco now that Jason’s turned the tables on him? #GH #GeneralHospital

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The suspicious gift will send everyone on high alert, and the clues will finally be put together to make sense of it all.

General Hospital spoilers say that everything will come out at the Nurses’ Ball, leading to a major disaster.

Andre suspects something is up with Morgan’s meds.

On Thursday’s episode of General Hospital, Andre (Anthony Montgomery) will talk to Monica (Leslie Charleston), insisting that they need to talk about Morgan’s (Bryan Craig) pills.

Monica will be equally concerned when she hears that Morgan’s lithium prescription is a lower dose.

Sonny’s caught with Martina.

Ave (Maura West) continues to hold Sonny’s (Maurice Bernard) secret over him and threatens to blackmail him.

Carly (Laura Wright) will become even more suspicious after she spots her soon-to-be ex-husband having a secret meeting with her lawyer, Martina (Daya Vaidya).

Carly will seek advice from Olivia (Lisa LoCicero), who will tell her she needs to move on and not to be afraid to try and find love again.

Allow Sonny to teach you a lesson or two about the preschool application process. #GH #GeneralHospital

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Nina leaves Valentin.

Elsewhere, Nina (Michelle Stafford) will finally tell Valentin that she is going to leave him. She is tired of his games with Anna (Finola Hughes), which General Hospital fans know is really her twin sister, Alex.

Nina doesn’t see the point in fighting for her marriage any longer when it is clear that he wants Anna. When she sees Valentin’s new watch and realizes it was a gift from Anna, she will smash it to pieces.

General Hospital viewers know that she put a listening device on the watch, but will Curtis (Donnell Turner) discover it now?

Anna’s “chance” encounter with Valentin opens up wounds that barely healed in the first place. How does their connection to the secretive Chimera Project factor into the here and now? #GH #GeneralHospital

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