‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Nicole Hits A Nerve With Xander As She Talks About Deimos

Days of Our Lives fans know that Deimos has shown his true colors to Nicole. She has him figured out and sees the chaos he causes for those he claims to care about. As she began to talk to Xander about her view of Deimos, fans saw Xander’s appearance physically change as if he was just seeing it for the first time.

Warning: There are spoilers ahead. Don’t continue to read if you don’t want to know what is coming on Days of Our Lives.

'Days Of Our Lives' Nicole is Xander's captive.
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Nicole and Holly remain captives of Xander’s on a private island. Deimos has a plan to swoop in and save the day by rescuing them, which he expects to be the way he reunites with Nicole. Days of Our Lives fans know that there are other plans in the works that will stop this from happening. Eric has followed leads to locate Nicole and Holly in Greece.

On the May 10 episode, Days of Our Lives fans saw Nicole talking to Xander about Deimos. Everything she said nailed Deimos exactly. How manipulative he is, how conniving, how he uses everyone to get what he wants, and how he doesn’t truly care about anyone except himself. All the while, Xander listened intently, and his face changed. It was the expression of recognizing the truth when he heard it. It was like Xander was seeing for the first time that he is just another pawn in the Days of Our Lives villain’s evil plans.

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Xander decides it is time to flip the script on Deimos. Fans of Days of Our Lives will see him give Deimos a list of demands. After all, he shot Brady, kidnapped Nicole and Holly, and is now holding them hostage on his private island all at the instruction of Deimos. After hearing Nicole, he realizes he needs to ensure he gets what he wants for his execution of the twisted plan. No specifics of the demands have been released yet. It will be interesting to Days of Our Lives fans to see exactly what Xander asks for from devious Deimos.

According to Soap Hub, Deimos is creating some problems for himself. In a visit with an unconscious Brady at the hospital, he brags of his plans to win Nicole back by being the knight in shining armor that rescues her. Days of Our Lives fans know that Deimos told on himself with that move. Between the possibility of Brady hearing every word or someone overhearing, this is a secret that is too big not to get out. But who will be the one that figures it out first?

All things eventually come to light on Days of Our Lives. It looks like things may be starting to stack up against Deimos. Spoilers tell us that next week will get even tougher for the villain as Sonny and Paul arrive in Greece. The two are determined to find out what he is up to and have already shown they are willing to go to great lengths to get the answer. With Eric executing a daring rescue this week and two more nemeses coming next week, Deimos is going to start to feel the pressure. All of this while Chad gets his hands on the precious amulet.

Do you think Deimos will meet Xander’s demands or take him on as an adversary? Will Eric be able to rescue Nicole before the Days of Our Lives villain comes for her? Will Brady remember the devious confession of Deimos’ involvement in the plan that put him in the hospital and Nicole missing with Holly? Tell us what you think in the comments section.

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