Robyn Dixon’s Marriage Should Not Inspire Others: ‘RHOP’ Star Not Happy Airing Dirty Laundry

Robyn Dixon has an interesting situation going on with her ex-husband, Juan Dixon. The Real Housewives of Potomac star has revealed that she divorced her ex-husband, Juan, after learning that he had cheated on her. He didn’t respect their marriage and she wanted out of their union. But she didn’t move out and while she did follow through on her divorce, she didn’t follow through in leaving Juan behind. As she has explained on The Real Housewives of Potomac, Dixon’s arrangement works for her and her ex-husband. They are living together for the kids and while they still hook up on occasion, she claims they are not together.

According to a new Bravo report, Robyn Dixon is now revealing that her ex-husband doesn’t really enjoy that their relationship is showcased on a national television show. And this is exactly why her modern marriage to Juan shouldn’t be inspired. One-half of the relationship isn’t happy with the way his dirty laundry is put out there, while the other half believes that their arrangement could inspire others to do the same for the sake of the kids. The situation should only be inspirational if both parties agree to film a reality show, such as The Real Housewives of Potomac.

Dixon recently opened up about her living situation and she admits that she’s the only one comfortable with filming the show. And it is possible that Robyn is comfortable with it because she has nothing to hide. What you see is what you get. However, Juan may have something to hide. Fans learned on Sunday’s episode that he may have been seeing someone behind Robyn’s back.

“He’s not comfortable with it,” Robyn Dixon told Bravo about how their marriage and their issues are shared on national television, adding, “It’s very interesting. It’s two ways: One, he understands that by sharing our story and being very honest and open with it, we are in turn maybe helping people who may be in a similar situation.”

Of course, her situation is very interesting as Juan may be dating women without bringing them home. On The Real Housewives of Potomac, Robyn Dixon explained that their situation works because they are both single and they both respect one another. As soon as one person starts dating, their dynamic falls apart. But Robyn hopes that their cordial relationship will inspire others to get along for the kids.

“If there’s two exes that can’t get along, maybe we can help them understand, ‘No it’s okay, you can get along.’ So he understands that there is something powerful in what we’re sharing,” Robyn Dixon explains about her situation, adding, “He’s just not comfortable with it personally because it is kind of awkward to just put all your business out there to be scrutinized and interpreted for the world.”

Even though their relationship shouldn’t inspire others because Juan isn’t supportive of sharing their dirty laundry on national television, there is one valuable lesson to take away from the situation. Seeing oneself on television may be a lesson in itself.

“I was watching the scene with my hairdresser when we’re talking about our relationship and he walks in the room at that very moment. I didn’t wanna be shady and stop it so I just let it play and he was like, ‘Really?’ It did something to him. I think it almost did something for him to let him know, ‘You gotta step it up.’”

What do you think of Robyn Dixon’s arrangement with her ex-husband? Do you think it should be admired even though Juan appears to be half-way out of the arrangement, as he isn’t happy about The Real Housewives of Potomac and he may be seeing someone else?

[Featured Image by Angela Weiss/Getty Images]