‘Teen Mom’ Star Javi Marroquin Slams Kailyn Lowry After She Is Reportedly Caught In Bed With Yet Another Man

Javi Marroquin isn’t happy about Kailyn Lowry’s latest bedroom photo op. Although the former couple is on better terms since their split last year, Marroquin slammed the Teen Mom star for getting in bed with another man.

Radar Online reports that Lowry posted a photo on Snapchat of her and a shirtless man in bed together. Lowry quickly deleted the image, which was taken in Los Angeles during the MTV Movie Awards. Lowry caught a lot of backlash for the image, especially given how she is currently pregnant with Chris Lopez’s child.

“It’s just sad. It makes me sad for the boys. I have nothing else to say about her,” Marroquin shared when asked about the photo.


Marroquin also expressed his disgust on social media but fell short of dragging Lowry through the mud. “I wanna vent but I know it ain’t safe. It’s always some s**t when I get on here,” he told fans. “I knew I matured when I realized every situation doesn’t need a reaction. Sometimes you just gotta leave people to do the lame s**t they do.”

That said, an insider revealed that Lowry and the shirtless man, who goes by DJ, are only good friends. The source claims that Lowry was in bed because her feet were swollen and she needed to rest. DJ was in the area for a different reason and also hung out with Matt Baier and Amber Portwood.


Lowry hit back against all the negative backlash by saying, “Get that hate out of your blood folks.” DJ offered a similar note, telling fans not to judge him.

Following all the drama with Javi Marroquin, Radar Online reports that Lowry hit the red carpet with Teen Mom co-star, Amber Portwood. Lowry wore a red dress for the awards and wasn’t afraid to show off her baby bump.

Lowry is currently pregnant with her third child. She has one son with ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera and another with Marroquin. Her baby with Lopez marks her third pregnancy with three different fathers. Even more, Lowry will have the child all by herself since Lopez took a quick exit from her life and isn’t sticking around to help raise the baby.

“I think I’m most worried about the changes ahead, but also that I will have this baby 24/7 by myself with no help,” Lowry shared after dropping the pregnancy bombshell. “I’m going to be a single parent from the beginning!”


According to E! News, Lowry is currently seven months into her pregnancy. While Lowry only has a few more weeks to go, an insider claims she doesn’t know the baby’s gender. Lowry is waiting until the birth to find out if it’s a boy or a girl because she “wants to be surprised.”

Sadly, it doesn’t sound like Lopez will be around for the birth. The source added that Lowry and Lopez hardly ever talk and she fully plans on raising the baby by herself. Despite becoming a single mother and raising the child alone, Lowry is still excited for the new birth, especially when it comes to buying baby things.

“I am so excited about all the new baby things that I’ve gotten because it’s been some time since I’ve bought cute baby things!” Lowry shared.

Filming for the new season of Teen Mom 2 is expected to get underway any time. It isn’t clear if Lowry’s latest drama will be featured on the show, but fans can expect plenty more from Lowry as she preps for her new baby. Given her recent actions on social media, there’s no telling what Lowry will stir up next.

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[Featured Image by MTV]