Duggar 2017: Are Fans Ready To Forgive Josh Duggar For Molesting Sisters, Cheating On Anna?

In May 2015, fans of 19 Kids and Counting were surprised with the molestation scandal involving the Duggar family’s eldest son, Josh Duggar. Two years after, has Josh earned the forgiveness of his fans?

Back then, it was revealed that Josh molested young girls as a teen, including some of his sisters. To add more to that, his name also came out in the scandal of Ashley Madison, an adult dating website, which he used to cheat on his wife. The fiasco led to the cancellation of his family’s reality TV show on TLC and Josh signing himself up in a Christian-based rehabilitation center.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar tried to keep their son away from the public eye even after Josh went out of the rehab center. But there were times that he would still appear in the Duggar family’s social media sites through throwback photos and such.

A recent throwback snapshot of the Duggar family back in 2003 received comments from fans, which The Hollywood Gossip noted like fans have already forgiven Josh for the disgrace he got into. Many commented it was a beautiful photo, with one saying that it would be nice to see a new one featuring the whole family. Another one chimed that she would love to see all of the family members back on TV while others also expressed that they miss the complete Duggar clan.


Meanwhile, there were also commenters who noted that it would probably be around the time that Josh was molesting his sisters. “Back when they were getting touched over the clothes,” one comment reads. “Right? I was like ‘oh nice photo’ and then I realized what those poor girls were probably going through and it started making me sick,” added another.

“I was like ‘oh nice photo’ and then I realized what those poor girls were probably going through and it started making me sick.”

This shows that people are still divided when it comes to accepting Josh Duggar back after what he did. The issue comes as the Duggar son is set to appear in court on Monday, May 15. There are also rumors that he and his wife, Anna Duggar, will be featured in the family’s spin-off reality show, Counting On. He was previously reported to be messing up at his day job, which could mean he’s losing his work at a time that Anna is pregnant with their fifth child.

Aside from the throwback picture, the family also posted a happy birthday greeting for Josh two months ago, wishing him that this year would be a wonderful one for his family. When they announced Anna’s pregnancy with baby No. 5, Josh and Anna wrote in the Duggar blog that they have spent the past two years quietly rebuilding their marriage. They said they focused on their children and rebuilding their life of faith together as a family. Some took the updates as a way to slowly introduce the 29-year-old back to the spotlight, as reports say that Counting On Season 3 is already in the works.

Meanwhile, fans’ eyes are also on Jana Duggar, the family’s eldest daughter, who at the age of 27 is still not married. Dubbed as the “Cinderella Duggar” for being left to take care of her younger siblings, Jana is reportedly finally dating. After rumors with Tim Tebow, speculations now say that Jana is in courtship with a family friend, Jonathan Hartono.

The speculations emerge after Hartono was spotted bowling with the Duggar patriarch, Jim Bob, as reported by In Touch Weekly. This, apparently, has become a custom for Jim when someone asks to date his children. Jana previously said that she is still waiting for her prince charming. Jana and Jonathan met in 2010 on a mission trip, and if things turn out to be true, fans agree Jana deserves her happy ending.

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