Joy-Anna Duggar’s Fiance Austin Different Than Siblings’ Husbands, Wedding Registry Includes Camping Gear

Joy-Anna Duggar is over the moon with her fiance Austin Forsyth. Being one of the many Duggar girls who have gotten married in the past three years, Joy-Anna is determined to make hers sound a little bit different and more intimate than the others that went before her. By making her fiance seem different from her other siblings’ husbands, Joy is showing the world that her union is unique.

Unlike Jill, Jinger, and Jessa, the 19-year-old is looking to marry a guy that she has known for more than a decade. Austin and Joy first got to know each other when his family moved to Arkansas and started attending her church.

Just because her parents are more familiar with her fiance does not mean that they are cutting her any slack. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are notorious for making sure that engaged couples do not get too frisky or intimate with each other before the wedding day.

So whenever they can, they insert themselves into the dates, chaperoning Joy and Austin so that they can stay pure and intentional in their relationship. Check out her parents joining the couple on a date in the beginning of their courtship.

In fact, they also may have joined their bachelor and bachelorette party that they just hosted for friends and family. Traditionally, in the western world, those parties give chances for the brides and grooms to have their last adventure before they commit themselves in a monogamous relationship, but it sounds like Joy-Anna and Austin were looking for a much more wholesome experience.

“We were trying to think of ideas for what we should do for our bachelor and bachelorette party and actually Ms. Caldwell was the one that thought about a camping trip and floating down the river,” 19-year-old Duggar said in a new Counting On clip.

Her fiance also said that he has fondness for camping because he “grew up doing that.”

“My dad took me camping at a very young age — our whole family — and it’s just something we’ve always enjoyed as a family and I hope to transfer that over to our family,” he said.

In fact, their wedding registry reveals that they also plan to make camping a big part of their domestic life. They have included sleeping bags, tents of various sizes, and headlamps to make sure that they have everything they need in order to go off into the wilderness as a family.

With just four months to go to their wedding date, things are coming along for the new couple.

“Wedding planning is going great so far,” Joy said in the clip. “I think Austin’s been helping out more than he ever thought he would be. He’s been a part of a lot of it.”

However, some fans noticed that Joy is looking thinner than ever, speculating on whether she is doing a crazy diet to make sure that she looks great in her dress.

“I couldn’t believe that was joy,” a follower by the name of Lori Ta commented on a picture the Duggars uploaded on Facebook. “She lost weight!! Wow. So beautiful!!! Like jessa said.of.jinger inyo.her wedding dress. But.then jessa was very much thin too then when she got married! [sic]”

There were other fans that criticized how Joy and her siblings drop weight just for their wedding.

“I hardly recognized Joy with her being so much thinner here than in other photos,” Rose Galston wrote. “Why do the Duggar girls all seem to become so thin while they are courting? Is it that stressful for them? She looked fine before the weight loss.”

Do you think Joy-Anna will have a happier marriage because she has known her fiance for a longer period of time? Let us know in the comments section below!

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]