Jacob Roloff Starts His Own Spin-Off With A Twist

Over the years, Jacob Roloff has made it very obvious that he doesn’t love reality television. The second he could, Jacob left the show Little People, Big World. He is still in contact with his family, but isn’t on their reality show at all. The fans miss seeing him and are now going to get another chance to watch Jacob and see how he is doing. Now, Jacob Roloff is starting his own show, but with a twist. In Touch Weekly shared all about how Jacob’s new show is all about his life, and he is in charge of the recording, editing, and everything. This will not be seen on television at all.

At the age of 18, Jacob Roloff decided he was done with reality television and refused to sign his contract. He moved on with his life and is now back on camera along with his 21-year-old girlfriend, Isabel Rock. They are going on a road trip together that will last for three weeks and take them all over the Pacific Northwest. This road trip will all be documented by Jacob Roloff and his girlfriend Isabel.


So far, Jacob and Isabel have only released one episode of their miniseries. In this clip, Isabel says, “All these places have a lot to offer, we’ve probably driven through them on road trips but never really appreciated their beauty so I’m really excited to be able to do that.” After that Jacob Roloff goes on to say, “These videos are going to be kind of a mix of dog life, travel life, just talking and stuff. We’ll pretty much just show you scenery and tell you what we’re doing that day or something and then also talks and stuff while we’re driving.”

Jacob Roloff and Isabel are getting really close on the road trip and revealed that their favorite part is the long talks they can have on the road. Their first episode is just seven minutes long. Jacob and Isabel do have one issue while filming: they keep having to remind each other to look at the camera. They are doing it all on their smartphones, so it isn’t like having a camera crew along with them the way Roloff used to do things. Isabel is excited about seeing a lot of places on their trip she has never been, and they are also going places that only Jacob Roloff has already visited. Neither of them has seen Colorado before, however, and will enjoy getting to do that together.


This is all coming out after just last week the Inquisitr shared that Jacob Roloff was slamming reality television once again. He says that his family are actually playing characters on a show. Jacob was really upset after watching the first episode of this season and seeing them fake a scene. He shared the details.

“In the scene they were supposed to be discussing some serious matter…I remember though that the scene they were doing was inherently staged and fake. Whatever discussion they were acting out had already happened in real life, so this was at best a rehashing. When they came out though, I saw tears in my mom’s eyes and I suddenly realized that this staged ‘joke,’ ‘fake’ thing was effecting real life in a profound way.”

Are you shocked to hear that Jacob Roloff is filming his road trip? Do you feel like Jacob will ever return to reality television again? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Little People, Big World when they air on TLC. You won’t be seeing Jacob Roloff on the show, but this is the best way to get updates on the rest of the Roloff family.

[Featured Image by Jacob Roloff/Instagram]