Anderson Cooper Rolls His Eyes At Kellyanne Conway [Video]

Kellyanne Conway’s recent interview on CNN with Anderson Cooper, which saw Conway come out of hiding in a big way, has Twitterverse scrambling to discuss the latest interaction between the CNN journalist and the Trump counselor — as well as the major eye roll from Anderson that resulted from their interview.

Conway had been absent from the public eye for such a long time that SNL produced the following segment, titled “Where in the World Is Kellyanne Conway?”

The SNL segment has swelled to more than 2.5 million views and has received plenty of feedback on the video-sharing site that is YouTube.

Now the new video featuring Anderson rolling his eyes at Conway is going completely viral on Twitter, with folks creating plenty of GIFs and variations of Cooper’s eye roll at Kellyanne’s words.

There are close-up eye roll videos, slow-motion eye roll videos, and more. As seen in the following video, Anderson rolls his eyes well towards the top of his black-framed glasses as Kellyanne speaks about President Donald Trump’s sudden firing of FBI Director James Comey.


As reported by the Los Angeles Times, Anderson’s eye roll was the eye roll heard around the internet.

Even James Corden called Cooper’s eye roll against Conway the best eye roll ever.

The eye roll occurred when Kellyanne claimed that President Trump’s sudden firing of Comey, just as the investigation into any Russian connections with the president and the presidential elections was heating up, was not a cover up.


Cooper even told Conway that her answers to the Trump firing of Comey were ones that made no sense, according to CNN.

The contentious interview between Anderson and Kellyanne made the rounds across social media as Cooper verified information from his notes and seemed befuddled when Kellyanne claimed that Cooper had wrong information.

“I think you’re looking at the wrong set of facts here.”

Although Kellyanne had noticeably been absent from the spotlight in recent weeks, only appearing in a few select events, she seems to be back in full force on the talk show circuit as the senior adviser to President Trump made a big splash with Cooper.


The featured photo above shows Kellyanne speaking during an interview at the White House on Wednesday, May 10.

As reported by CNN, the melee displayed in the interview was an extension of the controversy that resulted in the wake of President Trump’s anger, which was “white hot,” according to the publication. Mr. Trump did not seek a variety of viewpoints prior to firing Comey.

Meanwhile, feedback about Cooper rolling his eyes at Conway is drawing a variety of responses on social media.


Comments like those below are being made on Twitter regarding Anderson’s classic eye roll in response to Kellyanne. While some viewers called Cooper’s eye roll at Kellyanne “disgusting,” others wrote that the eye roll was a GIF that keeps on giving — one that they can watch over and over again.

“Anderson Cooper throws Kellyanne Conway a brutal eye roll.”

“I’ll be watching Anderson Cooper roll his eyes at Kellyanne Conway everyday for as long as this administration lasts.”

“Anderson Cooper is all of us while listening to Kellyanne Conway’s BS.”

“Anderson’s epic eyeroll is just the reaction to Kellyanne we needed….”

“I really like Anderson and very disappointed in the way he reacted to KellyAnne. Trapped in ‘s newsroom I guess he had no alternative.”

“I’m watching Anderson Cooper roll his eyes at Kellyanne until the impeachment.”

“Mood: Anderson Cooper’s eye roll at Kellyanne Conway.”

“Even professional Anderson Cooper just couldn’t take Kellyanne’s crap anymore. Everyone has a breaking point, that woman is a nerve wrecker.”

[Featured Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]