Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher Are Not Heading For Divorce [Debunked]

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are not heading toward divorce, despite some recent reports and nasty rumors stating otherwise. In fact, one source reached out to one of Mila’s reps in order to get the story straight— and to prove the divorce rumors wrong.

Gossip Cop dedicated an article to fact checking a report published by a tabloid that read Kunis and Kutcher were announcing their divorce. The article found the statements to be false as Mila’s rep addressed the rumors. The rep said the divorce story was “absolutely not true,” according to Gossip Cop.

“After checking in with a rep for Kunis, we can confirm that the magazine’s split story is in fact bogus. The actress’s spokesperson exclusively assures us this tale of marriage trouble is ‘absolutely not true.'”

The publication addressed the rumors and what the tabloid stated as the reasons behind the actors’ so-called split. Apparently, the alleged divorce was due to jealousy and “failing” careers.

“A new tabloid cover story alleges Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’ marriage is falling apart as they’re fighting over everything from their kids, careers and jealousy of each other’s co-stars.”

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher divorce rumors proved false
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Gossip Cop states the tabloid relied on an anonymous source for its inside information on Mila and Ashton’s impending divorce. The unnamed source said things have been tense in the actors’ marriage, and Mila and Ashton are both “miserable.”

“Tensions have been building for a while, and it seems like they’re both miserable.”

However, things seem to be quite the opposite for the couple as they continue to be spotted in public together with their growing family. While both Kunis and Kutcher have been photographed taking their 2-year-old daughter Wyatt and 5-month-old son Dimitri on errands and out to eat, the “source” claims raising two young kids has been a strain on the marriage.

As Gossip Cop quotes, the tabloid’s anonymous source detailed how Ashton supposedly doesn’t help Mila with the children.

“The tabloid’s questionable insider further claims Kunis feels ‘overwhelmed’ by raising two young children while her husband allegedly ‘hangs out with the guy.'”

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While fans of the pair can attest to the how endearing their marriage seems to be, even sources such as Hollywood Life picked up on the tabloid’s false claims as they reiterated rumors of an upcoming divorce for Mila and Ashton. The site quoted the tabloid’s claims as it brought up the fact that infidelity and jealousy may be a big part of their alleged separation.

“There is also a second part to the alleged career fights between Mila and Ashton. Mila is reportedly ‘threatened’ about Ashton’s connection with actress, Elisha Cuthbert, 34, his co-star on The Ranch. Although Elisha is happily married, the mag claimed that she and Ashton are super close.”

In addition to Kunis reportedly being concerned over who Kutcher works with, the same thing was said about how the actor feels about his wife working with certain men. As fans can clearly see, the tabloid left nothing out as it hit some of the biggest causes of divorces in its false reporting: money (their so-called failing movie careers), infidelity, and children.

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Luckily, other sites were quick to investigate the legitimacy of the divorce claims as Mila’s rep shot down the false reports. Hollywood Life readers also didn’t believe the hype as they commented “no” when the site asked if they believe Kunis and Kutcher were heading toward a divorce.

But some readers shared other sentiments as they stated they don’t care what happens to the actors’ marriage since Ashton is infamously said to have cheated on Demi Moore.

“Who cares if their marriage falls apart? After the way he lied and cheated on Demi, it would serve him right.”

However, the question is now moot as other sites dug a little deeper and found no truth to the tabloid’s claims.

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