Rihanna Reportedly Wants Chris Brown Reconciliation: Why Couple Can’t Get Back Together Revealed

Rihanna would love a reconciliation with Chris Brown, but deep down, she knows that getting back with the R&B singer would ultimately be one of the worst decisions she could make, it’s been reported.

Rihanna hasn’t been romantically linked to Breezy since early 2013 when they briefly dated for a couple of months before calling it quits again. Since then, Rihanna and her ex-boyfriend have shared an on-again, off-again friendship, up until they stopped talking altogether when Drake came into the picture again.

Chris and Drake don’t get along, so when the “One Dance” hitmaker was seeing Rihanna in early 2016, Brown’s friendship with Rihanna cooled off again. Sources, however, stress that following the breakup in October, things between Chris and Rih-Rih were seemingly leading back to a friendship, with one insider claiming they were planning on seeing one another again.

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Hollywood Life is now reporting that Rihanna would most certainly be up for a reconciliation with her former beau, whom she hasn’t seen in a very long time. There’s no denying, according to the outlet, that Rihanna still cares for Chris, and if she could have it her way, a reunion would have already happened by now.

But the “Work” singer is reportedly taking into consideration how chaotic the relationship would be even if they were to get back together. With all that’s happened in recent years, though Rihanna can still see herself being with Chris, she knows that in doing so, she would only be left heartbroken again.

Brown, who is currently dealing with his restraining order from ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran, who claims the “Party” hitmaker physically and verbally abused her, would also reportedly be open to give his romance with Rihanna another shot, but ultimately, it would come down to whether or not Rihanna would want to take the risk of being emotionally hurt with Brown’s actions again.

“Rihanna would take Chris back in a heartbeat, but she can’t,” a source gushes. “Despite everything that has happened between them, she still really really loves Chris.”

“Now that probably shocks a ton of people, but they don’t know Chris or Ri, she understands him and he’s opened up to her about everything he’s been through. It breaks her heart when she thinks of Chris, and she doesn’t view him as some kind of ‘monster’ like other people do. You gotta walk a mile in another person’s shoes before you can pass judgment on them.”

Back in March, it was reported that Chris Brown and Rihanna had started texting one another again, followed with Breezy’s decision to follow his on-again, off-again girlfriend on Instagram, as revealed via BET.

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He was also gracious enough to wish Rihanna’s mother, Monica, a happy birthday via the social media platform, which strongly hinted that things between the couple were leading in the right direction.

It was mentioned, however, that Rihanna’s close friends wouldn’t want to see the duo reconcile, knowing that it’s going to have a tremendous impact on the singer’s health and her career. Having enjoyed success in the fields of fashion, movies, and music, getting back with Chris could ultimately tarnish all of the things she’s worked so hard for in recent years.

At this given point, sources say that the only way Rihanna has stayed in touch with Brown as of late is through texting one another. She would still be open to seeing him again, but as far as a relationship is concerned, if her friends have it their way, it’s not going to happen for the reasons mentioned prior.

Rihanna is in the midst of shooting Ocean’s 8 in New York City with Sandra Bullock and other A-list stars. The 29-year-old has been focusing her attention on building a career as an actress, having already conquered the music scene with dozens of hits and multi-award-winning albums.

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