Tyga Driving Kylie Jenner Insane Amid Blac Chyna Reconciliation Reports: ‘KUWTK’ Star Allegedly Furious

Tyga has been spending a significant amount of time with his former flame, Blac Chyna, as of late, which has supposedly given Kylie Jenner the impression that the parents to 4-year-old King Cairo are getting back together.

Kylie would be devastated to hear that Tyga and the woman he dumped to be with her are now reconciling, especially since Chyna has shared an on-again, off-again romance with the socialite’s brother, Rob Kardashian, for the past 16 months.

Now that Chyna also has a child with Rob, the former stripper evidently won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. But since her romance with the sock designer didn’t work out, getting back with Tyga certainly seemed to be an option for Blac.

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According to Hollywood Life, however, that’s not quite the case. While Tyga and Chyna have been spending a lot of time together as of late, it’s only been because they are trying to be better parents for to their son, especially after all the feuding they’ve found themselves in over the past couple of months.

In March, Blac accused Tyga of being gay, before insinuating that the rapper had been unfaithful to Jenner on multiple occasions and that paying child support for his one and only son seemed to be extremely difficult for Tyga, whose payments were never on time.

Now that Kylie and Tyga are no longer a thing, and with the news that Blac is trying to get on better terms with her ex-boyfriend, it seems as if the “Rack City” hitmaker is finally finding himself in a position where he can actually see himself getting along with Chyna.

Kylie, on the other hand, is convinced that Tyga will get back with his former lover — she wouldn’t be surprised if he would do that just to get back at her for kicking off her romance with Travis Scott, who she has been dating for the past four weeks, TMZ claims.

“Tyga and Blac are not reconciling, as far as she’s concerned, been there done that. It didn’t work the first time round so it’s unlikely it would work a second time,” a source tells the news outlet.

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“They’re hanging out because she wants them to work on developing a good relationship, for the sake of (son) King. Oh, and it helps that being seen out together ensures that they both keep firmly in the spotlight, as well as making Rob (Kardashian) and Kylie jealous. They love adding fuel to the fire and keeping everyone guessing.”

When Tyga found out that Kylie Jenner had moved on to another rapper, he was said to have been devastated because the father-of-one was convinced the duo would reconcile after their decision to take a break from one another at the end of March.

Turns out that Kylie wanted to move on with her life. But now that she’s hearing about reports concerning Tyga and Chyna, she’s beginning to get jealous, as one insider put it.

“Rob is super pissed, and upset, he thinks Blac is disrespecting him and trying to make him look like a fool. Deep down he still really loves her and would kill to be back together again. He hates being a part-time father and just seeing her a couple of times a week. As for Kylie, her emotions change as much as her hair color! One day she’s spitting mad at Tyga, calling him a loser, and wants nothing to do with him, the next she’s super sad and saying she misses him.”

Do you think Kylie and Tyga will ever reconcile under these circumstances?

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