Earn Millions In ‘GTA Online’ With Double Heist Payouts, Mastermind Challenge Not Included

This week in GTA Online, players have the potential to earn millions from co-operative heists. Two years ago, heists were added to the online option for Grand Theft Auto V. Since then players have been teaming up to tackle five different jobs with varying rewards. Today, players can earn double the normal payout from all heists in GTA Online for a limited time.

From May 9 until May 15, all heists are worth double cash and RP in GTA Online. All five heists are eligible for the increased payout including the Fleeca Job, Prison Break, the Human Labs Raid, Series A Funding, and the Pacific Standard Job. All heists require four players except for the Fleeca Job which requires only two players.

GTA Online heist rewards doubled for a limited time
Heists often feature different jobs for each player [Image by Rockstar Games]

Each heist is briefly detailed on the Rockstar Games website with a description of what is required to complete them. The Fleeca Job is the first available heist with the lowest payout of $115,000 on normal difficulty. Each heist thereafter offers a bigger reward with the Pacific Standard Job offering the most cash at $1,000,000 on normal difficulty.

All payouts and RP are doubled during the event for easy, normal, and hard difficulties. Four players that complete the Pacific Standard Job on normal right now, for instance, will split a $2,000,000 reward. Special challenges can still be completed during the event, but the rewards are not doubled for tasks like the Criminal Mastermind Challenge according to the official site.

“And please note that while the payouts for special bonuses like the All In Order Challenge and Criminal Mastermind Challenge are still active, Double GTA$ and RP do not apply to them.”

Heists require that the heist leader be at least level 12 and own a home with a planning room before setting one up. The heist leader pays the initial setup cost and divides the payout for members of the team. Heists consist of several different stages include setup missions and score missions with each heist offering a different experience. For instance, the Fleeca Job has players stealing a car and hacking with their phone. Stealing and hacking are also a part of the Pacific Standard Job too, but it also requires players to hijack a convoy and set up a transponder among other objectives.

Rockstar Games' GTA Online doubles heist payout for a limited time
Except for the two-player Fleeca Job, heists require four players to complete [Image by Rockstar Games]

In addition to their payout, heists also offer discounts on special vehicles like the Armored Karin Kuruma and the HVY Insurgent Pick-Up. Previously, these vehicles and other heist items were only available to those that completed the associated heists. Now, these vehicles and customization options can be purchased regardless of heist completion. As the Inquisitr reported, the heist requirement to purchase these items has been removed, but those that do complete heists will receive a hefty discount when purchasing these vehicles.

Alongside the double payout for heists, the biker discounts and bonuses are still ongoing. Players can save 25 percent on biker Clubhouses, club customization options, and properties. The biker event also doubles payouts from biker contact missions. Check out the details on the GTA Online website.

“Through May 15th, Motorcycle Clubs of Los Santos will benefit from a GTA$ & RP boost when running Clubhouse Contracts – you can find and launch these lucrative missions from the meeting room in your Clubhouse.”

GTA Online continues to update with events and sales every week. Tiny Racers content just released with a new adversary mode complete with a top-down view, power-ups, and exploding cars.


Also, each week new races and time trials are worth major in-game cash. This week, “Beach Party” is the Premium Special Vehicle Race to offer a major reward for winners and triple RP for participants. Also, the Time Trial “Raton Canyon” is ready for players this week. Beating the par time offers a large cash reward for players in GTA Online.

[Featured Image by Rockstar Games]