Weekend Plan To Visit April And Tajiri Foiled, Jordan Patch Says Safety Of Animals Top Priority

Although several people had intended to visit the interactive zoo this weekend, bad weather has put a damper on their plans. After wet weather played truant this week, Animal Adventure Park decided to delay its opening date.

The Harpursville zoo, which houses the celebrity giraffe family — April, Oliver, and baby Tajiri — was all set to open this Saturday. However, due to the weekend nor’easter, the park has postponed its opening date to Monday (May 15).

Jordan Patch, the owner of Animal Adventure Park, was disappointed but reiterated that the safety of animals comes first.

“We are extremely disappointed in this weekend’s weather conditions and have been hard at work to prepare for a Saturday opening, but the safety of the animals and our guests is our number one priority and concern,” Jordan said.

“For these reasons, we will need to postpone the opening day of Animal Adventure to Monday, May 15 at 10 am. We are excited to see everyone on Monday and are looking forward to a great season with numerous new additions to our animal family and exhibits,” he added.

Although many were disappointed with the delay, they were supportive of the park and Jordan Patch.

Patricia Schuknecht Schram, who has been an ardent follower of April the giraffe, said that she respects the zoo’s decision to postpone the opening day.

“Animal Adventure Park exists because of a dream that Jordan Patch had. He is a man who loves all animals and graciously has allowed the world to see the process at AAP, starting with the giraffe cam and sharing April, Oliver and Tajiri with millions of people to the construction projects happening at the park. The delay in opening the park because of the dangerous weather this weekend re-affirms Jordan’s compassion for all animals and humans and the safety for all,” she said.


Like Patricia, many others showed their support to Animal Adventure Park on their official Facebook page.

“Jordan need not worry about opening on time or what people think. I know it is disappointing but you can’t fight Mother Nature. I love to hear Jordan speak of the animals. If you rush things, something won’t be done right and may cause problems later. I understand what he is doing. It has to be done right the first time. He has a great staff that really helps,” said Dana Bosch, who has over 40 years of experience grooming dogs and horses.

The petting zoo gained popularity after it live-streamed the pregnancy of April, a giraffe.

The April craze began in February, and since then, millions of viewers have been following every step of April’s pregnancy. Just a day before Easter, the beautiful giraffe gave birth to a handsome calf Tajiri, or Taj, as he is fondly called.

Animal Adventure Park is an interactive, educational animal park located in the hills of Harpursville, which is 15 minutes outside of Binghamton, New York.

The park’s mission is to communicate an appreciation for all living things through the use of the human senses and to educate guests about the lives of its animal ambassadors, Animal Adventure Park said in its press release.


Animal Adventure Park is federally licensed by the USDA, ensuring that the same standards of care met by of zoos and aquariums in the United States. The interactive petting zoo is staffed by zoologists, animal behaviorists, biologists, educators, and general caretakers. The park is currently closed to the public and will open for the season on May 15.

After the live stream of April the giraffe, the park has garnered a huge fan following across the world.

[Featured Image by John Minchillo/AP Images]