Jenelle Evans Accused Of Copying Her ‘Teen Mom’ Co-Stars: Has She Lost Her Original Edge?

Jenelle Evans has moved into her own home on her own private property, and it sounds like this Teen Mom star loves the privacy. After she and David Eason had welcomed their baby girl into the world, they moved into their custom-built home, and they are looking forward to a new life on their own large property. But, with such a huge property comes plenty of responsibility, and it sounds like she and David have plans to utilize every inch of the property. Evans’ boyfriend has been busy building various things for their new home, and since they have so much land, some people are wondering if they will add more animals to their family.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans recently opened up about her plans to expand the family with chickens, and she was immediately attacked by followers who felt that she was copying her Teen Mom co-stars who also have chickens. In other words, fans are slamming Jenelle for doing the same thing as her co-stars instead of doing something original.


“Getting our property together a little bit at a time. We’ve [become] obsessed with giant trees lately, so why not order a variety of redwoods? Cannot wait to see how tall they get. #TreeHugger,” Jenelle Evans said about her home on her property, revealing that she loves her new living situation on her own property, which sparked some curiosity from fans.

“Have you thought about getting chickens?” one person asked Jenelle Evans, who replied with, “Yeah once we build a chicken coop, David has a lot more he’s building at the moment lol.”

It sounds like they are thinking about adding chickens to their property, and it makes sense since they have such a huge piece of land. However, since two of her co-stars already have chickens in their homes, fans believe that Evans is just copying her co-stars in hopes of being popular and cool just like them. Sadly, it seemed to backfire, as this exact argument had been used several times before.


“You’re slowly attempting to morph into Chelsea,” one person wrote to Jenelle Evans, accusing her of copying Chelsea DeBoer, who also has chicken, to which Jenelle replied back, “Uhm… David has grown up raising pigs, horses, chickens, and hogs. If he wants chickens that’s what we will do. Guess I’m copying Catelynn?”

Of course, Jenelle Evans was also slammed for copying her co-stars when she announced that she was writing a book. Several of her Teen Mom co-stars have written books, including Kailyn Lowry, Maci Bookout, and Catelynn Lowell. So when Jenelle announced her book, it wasn’t welcomed with well wishes and support. The same thing happened last year when Jenelle was working with another company to launch a makeup line. But since Leah Messer had already announced her lip line, and Chelsea Houska had been working in cosmetics for a while, Evans was accused of copying them.

So, has Jenelle Evans lost her original edge? If people judge original edge by whether or not to have chickens, then no. It seems like a logical thing to consider since she has such a huge property and three children who probably enjoy running around the property. Plus, it may be an educational thing for Kaiser, Jace, and Ensley, who can all learn what it takes to produce an egg.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans’ tweet about getting chickens for her property? Do you think it is fair that she’s being slammed for her decisions for her home, just because her co-stars have done the same thing before her?

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]