‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ Patched, Multiplayer And Cinematics Tweaked Plus New Items For Deluxe Owners

Mass Effect: Andromeda received its second significant patch Wednesday for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The latest update to Electronic Arts’ sci-fi role-playing title brings more improvements to the in-game cinematics, plus plenty of fixes and some balance changes to the multiplayer.

Patch 1.06 for Mass Effect: Andromeda is now available to download and install on all three platforms. This comes a little more than a month after the previous patch, which addressed many of the visual issues which caused the game to be the butt of endless jokes at launch.

The general patch notes list items like “general improved performance and stability,” as well as “various improvements to cinematic scenes. BioWare does not go into detail on what these exactly entail at the moment. The notes also list improvements to single-player balance at higher difficulties, but there are no details on what specific changes were made here either.

There are some specific fixes listed, such as the annoying instance of SAM telling Ryder there is new email. BioWare also corrected a conversation bug where some options would be disabled and grayed out despite new content being available.

[Image by BioWare / Electronic Arts]

Those that purchased the Andromeda Deluxe or Super Deluxe edition gain some new items with this patch. Two custom Nomad skins, a casual Pathfinder outfit, and an exclusive multiplayer pack should now be available in-game.

Fans of the romance options in Mass Effect: Andromeda will want to pay attention to some less polyamorous restrictions as well. Players will no longer be able to romance Cora and Peebee or Vetra and Peeb at the same time.

Those that have already made one play-through and are considering Andromeda‘s New Game+ mode will want to be aware of a couple of changes. Special items will no longer carry over to the new game. However, a default Ryder name will now.

Meanwhile, issues that blocked progress on the missions Remnant Scanner, Ark Natanus, Nomad Shield, Frequency, and Missing Science Crew have been fixed.

[Image by BioWare / Electronic Arts]

On the multiplayer front, BioWare has boosted the damage output of both powers and weapons in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

“We determined that the base damage of powers were too low, which caused them to be underpowered in the late stages. We’ve now increased the base damage of powers and improved some of the bonuses granted by additional skill points. We’ve also improved damage from passive skill trees,” BioWare wrote in a separate set of patch notes.

“Combo detonations on Gold and Silver difficulties also received a buff because they inflicted less damage than intended.”

The base damage for all powers was increased by 25 to 35 percent while power damage upgrades increased by 20 percent per line. Additionally, combo damage increased by approximately 60 percent at Bronze difficulty, 140 percent at Silver difficulty, and 200 percent at gold difficulty.

Additionally, weapons were under-performing in the Gold and Silver difficulty levels for Andromeda‘s multiplayer. This was particularly true for shotguns and assault rifles, which has been addressed.

“We’ve boosted the base damage for several underperforming assault rifles, pistols, and shotguns to make them more effective. In particular, we wanted shotguns to become better skirmish weapons, so we boosted their damage and accuracy outside of cover, while reducing the extra accuracy bonus when firing from cover,” BioWare explained.

A Kett soldier in Mass Effect: Andromeda.
[Image by BioWare / Electronic Arts]

The Vanquisher sniper rifle is the exception, though. The weapon was nerfed to bring it into line with other weapons in the game to “even the playing so players feel more comfortable bringing something besides the Vanquisher to a Gold-level game.”

A pair of multiplayer enemy factions were also touched with the Mass Effect: Andromeda patch. The Kett had the health and defenses reduced while the Outlaws see their Sharpshooters and Hydras buffed to be stronger in order to push players into cover.

For complete details of all the changes made in the Mass Effect: Andromeda 1.06 patch, consult the general and multiplayer patch notes.

[Featured Image by BioWare / Electronic Arts]