Kenya Moore Says Abusive Storyline With Matt Made The Show: Is She Downplaying Kandi Burruss’ Rape Story?

Kenya Moore returned to The Real Housewives of Atlanta with her storyline already in place. She had just returned home from Mexico with Matt Jordan, and while on the trip, he had gotten mad at her, kicked in a hotel door, and broken a pair of her sunglasses. While he claimed that Moore had egged her on during their argument, Kenya decided to label herself as the victim and used the storyline to talk about abuse on a national platform. And Moore’s decision to open up about the abuse resulted in Sheree Whitfield speaking out about her abusive past as well.

According to a new tweet, Kenya Moore is now defending her decision to share her emotional story of verbal abuse with viewers. Some people feel that she’s stretching the truth a bit, as she doesn’t take any responsibility for possibly egging Matt on to do and say some of the things she does. And after he revealed that they had hooked up in the back of his truck, some people felt that Moore was saying one thing and doing another. Regardless of her actions, no woman deserves to have her house vandalized, and she doesn’t deserve to feel attacked to the point of needing a restraining order. However, some viewers feel that she’s just causing unnecessary drama.


“Why are you on the phone talking to anyone about anything? Where is your storyline? Husband? Etc? #RHOAReunion #RHOA,” one person wrote on Twitter to Kenya Moore after seeing her call her friend about what had happened with Phaedra Parks on the reunion special.

Kenya replied, “B**ch I had highest rated episode of the entire SEASON bc of my storyline. Clearly u don’t know what one is. Not every1 has a brain #RHOA.”

It sounds like Moore feels that her storyline with Matt made the season a success this year. As she points out, she had one of the highest-rated episodes this season, possibly because of her relationship with Matt. Maybe people wanted to see if he got arrested or if he would do something against Kenya. Or maybe he would reveal something about her that she didn’t want out, such as them hooking up in the back of his car. But the follower was quick to fire back at Kenya.

“You certainly don’t. Dude with clear anger problems busts out your windows and you let him bust on you in his truck? FOH #RHOA #RHOAReunion. Hehehe I know, my mouth be reckless AF sometimes. Just being Queen Petty stating facts. No actual harm meant,” the person replied back to Moore.

Another person chimed in, “It took me all this newfound fame you helped me get to realize it was Brandon you were talking to. Omg even worse.”


It sounds like Kenya might be downplaying the newest storyline about Kandi Burruss. Throughout the season, Kandi has been defending herself in regard to Porsha Williams and Phaedra Parks. Kandi learned that the girls were gossiping about her sex life and how she wanted to drug Porsha for the sake of having sex with her. But at the reunion, it was revealed that Phaedra had lied about everything, possibly to create distance between Kandi and Porsha. So, was Kenya’s storyline about abuse more interesting? It really comes down to whether fans enjoyed the emotional journey of working through the abusive relationship or if they enjoyed the scandalous rumor about Kandi that essentially could cause legal troubles for Parks.

What do you think of Kenya Moore having the highest rated episode this season? Do you think her storyline was interesting, or do you think the rumors about Kandi Burruss’ rape plot was more interesting?

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