Kim Jong-un Would Launch Nuclear Attack, Claims North Korean Defector

A North Korean defector revealed that leader Kim Jong-un would wage a nuclear missile attack against the United States and other countries like South Korea and Japan if he feels threatened to lose his regime.

Song Byeok, a former state propaganda artist, said that North Korea’s supreme leader would issue a full-fledged nuclear attack against the enemy countries. According to Song, Kim Jong-un will not even be afraid to destroy himself and his country to use his nuclear weaponry.

“I think Kim Jong-un could wage nuclear war if his power is threatened and that is why needs to be removed as soon as possible,” Kim told The Independent. “He would wage nuclear war even if he knew it would mean finishing himself and harming the North Korean people because he is young and ambitious and doesn’t care about the lives of North Koreas. He also doesn’t know anything about their lives.”

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The 48-year-old political refugee, who now lives in South Korea, further said that he has a hope that the United States President Donald Trump would find a way to remove Kim Jong-un and will bring peace to the hermit state.

“I do not worry about the relationship between Trump and Kim Jong-un. I really hope that Trump will remove Kim Jong-un – that is the only way that North Korean people can be free and happy.”

However, Mr. Song is still not fully convinced with Donald Trump’s methods and stated that according to him “Trump and Kim Jong-un are similar types of people.”

According to many experts, it is still not possible for North Korea to launch a nuclear missile attack. North Korea’s ambassador to the U.K., Mr. Choe II, revealed this week that although their previous nuclear tests failed miserably, their supreme leader is all set to test another nuclear missile in the days to come. Mr. Choe did not divulge more information on it, but he did mention that nuclear power is their right and it is their only way to maintain peace in Korean Peninsula and its neighboring areas.

Mr. Song, who lost all his family in the famine which struck North Korea in the 1990s, even predicted that North Korea’s current regime would surely fall because there are many people in the government who are doubting Kim Jong-un’s grip on power.

“Kim Jong-un is the third generation and even North Korean people are gaining access to foreign media, so they know what is going on, so they probably pretend to be loyal in front of him, but inside they don’t agree,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, another defector recently shared his ordeal while he was thrown into a North Korean prison.

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Kim Chung-Seong was only 27-years-old when he was brutally beaten, thrown in jail, left to starve and witnessed cold-blooded killings of hundreds of children. Kim Chung-Seong was quoted by Mirror when he talked about his constant fear for his family and friends by Kim Jong-un for his defection 13 years ago.

“The Kim regime never forgets,” he says. “The leadership may pass down from one generation to another but so does their evil. I saw first-hand how the most harrowing of atrocities that will haunt me until the day I die. There were mass public executions in which everyone was ordered to attend including children as young as five years old.”

He further revealed that he even watched one girl beaten to death after the officials accused her father of committing crimes. According to him, the poor girl’s father was simply trying to sell things to feed his family.

“Millions of people there are deprived of any food. Thousands die through starvation. I had to get out, or I too would have been killed,” he further added.

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