‘Criminal Minds’ Spoilers: Season 12 Finale Brings Shemar Moore And A Cliffhanger, Will It Return This Fall?

It is time for the Season 12 Criminal Minds finale, and spoilers tease that this one will be intense. Reid’s mother, Diana, has been kidnapped, and things are going to be chaotic as a result. As this case progresses, fan-favorite character Derek Morgan will be back with some additional information that could prove to be troublesome, and viewers should brace themselves for a cliffhanger at the end of this one. What Criminal Minds spoilers are available for Tuesday’s finale, and will the show be back for Season 13 in the fall?

Extra TV shares a Criminal Minds preview filled with spoilers for the Season 12 finale. Reid is out of prison, but his troubles aren’t over. New information about all of the chaos the Behavioral Analysis Unit has been sorting through related to Reid’s case has emerged, and additional teasers hint that things may go much deeper than even they had realized. Criminal Minds spoilers note that Derek, played again by Shemar Moore, will show up as this case escalates. While Derek has warm greetings for all of his former co-workers, Derek is also concerned about Reid and a text that supposedly came from Garcia.


This Season 12 finale is titled “Red Light,” and TV Guide shares some juicy Criminal Minds spoilers. As the BAU scrambles to solve this case and make all of the necessary connections between their various villains, Reid is able to talk with his mother, Diana, for a moment. Diana is highly disoriented, and Reid only has seconds to talk with her. In the midst of all of this, Lindsey Vaughn will cause a stunning disruption as she blows up a car at a gas station and drives away.

Viewers will apparently be left worrying whether Diana was in the car that Vaughn blew up, but showrunner Erica Messer had previously teased Criminal Minds spoilers indicating that they wouldn’t be killing Diana after waiting so long to get actress Jane Lynch back in the role. It sounds as if everybody may end up having to wait to see Diana’s fate based on some other teasers Messer previously shared.


Messer previously discussed some additional Criminal Minds spoilers with TV Guide, hinting that Mr. Scratch will be behind the suspicious text message sent to Derek, and this will leave the BAU team quite concerned. There will be resolutions related to both Reid and Mr. Scratch’s ongoing storylines in Wednesday’s finale, but there is also a cliffhanger on the way. Messer teased Criminal Minds spoilers revealing that there is a true cliffhanger finale coming Wednesday night, the likes of which they haven’t done since Season 3. Someone’s life will apparently be left hanging in the balance, and fans may not be certain of exactly who is in danger.

Will viewers be left hanging permanently on this front? Luckily, CBS has renewed Criminal Minds for Season 13, and spoilers note that the new episodes will start off in a different way in some sense. Unfortunately, fans should not expect Derek to hang around. However, Shemar Moore’s return as Derek in this finale may serve as a bit of a kick-off for fans of the new series he has starting soon on CBS.

As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, Moore has been tapped to headline a new series titled S.W.A.T., which is inspired by the Samuel L. Jackson movie of the same name. Shemar won’t be playing Derek Morgan in this one, but it certainly should help the new series to get Moore back in front of viewers again in the role that his supporters love so much.

What kind of cliffhanger is on the way with Wednesday’s Season 12 finale of Criminal Minds? Spoilers tease that this will be a doozy of an episode, and fans will certainly be buzzing about this one. It will be a long way until Season 13 begins in the fall, from the sounds of things, but the good news is that CBS has already announced that the series will be returning. Be sure to check out “Red Light” with the return of Shemar Moore on May 10 as the BAU battles to save Reid’s mother and put an end to Mr. Scratch once and for all.

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