Kailyn Lowry’s Sex Life Discussed On Twitter: Does She Already Have A New Man?

Kailyn Lowry is currently expecting her third child with a third man, and while she’s excited about potentially becoming a single mother to three children, people are questioning why she would want to put herself in that situation after getting a divorce. She had previously said that she wanted to wait to have another baby, so it was surprising to many that she was suddenly pregnant with her third baby. And when people learned that she was indeed pregnant by a third man, it was even more shocking. However, the most shocking thing about Lowry is how people feel the need to discuss her sex life on social media.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry may be celebrating her bachelor’s degree these days as she recently graduated from college, but people feel it is much more interesting to discuss her sex life on social media. It’s no surprise that Kailyn is celebrating her graduation as a huge milestone, but people feel it is much more fun to talk about how many guys she has slept with; even if they are basing their conclusions on rumors.


“#TeenMom2 star Kailyn Lowry Steps Out With A New Man After Confirming Her Baby’s Father,” one tabloid wrote about Lowry, and she felt she needed to set the record straight, replying to the tweet, “I don’t have a new man. It’s called a friend.”

Of course, Kailyn has been rumored to be dating someone new, but Lowry wants people to know that she’s allowed to have friends who are guys. However, Kailyn had been spotted in bed with a shirtless man, and this was something that was brought up in the Twitter conversation.

“A friend that was shirtless in bed with you?” one person wrote to Kailyn. She didn’t respond to this question, but it did prompt other people to start conversations about her promiscuous past.

“But you do have 3 baby daddies. To think you would have learned your lesson after the first and waited, but I guess we’re all different,” one person wrote to Kailyn Lowry, while another person replied, “She’s a grown woman WITH money…. I thought women, especially with money, could make their own grown women choices.”


“You’re obviously missing the point. It’s not about being a “grown” woman. It’s about being a smart woman. She clearly has unprotected sex,” the first person replied back, concluding that Lowry probably had plenty of unprotected sex with men, which is why she’s now pregnant with a third baby.

And while some people feel that Kailyn should stop seeing other guys while she’s pregnant, others feel that she can have guy friends while being pregnant with her third baby. It does seem odd that her sex life is being discussed on social media. Sure, she’s pregnant, but she’s not married, so she should be allowed to be with any guy who would want to be with her. Lowry isn’t legally married to anyone, and while it may be odd for some people that she’s dating while pregnant, she had revealed that the father of the baby might not be involved in the child’s life.

“Jesus you can’t have a male friend now without being accused of sleeping with him. Give the girl a break for once. Besides it’s her life!!” one person wrote in defense of Kailyn Lowry.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry’s sex life being discussed on social media? Do you think people have a right to discuss her life on social media because she’s putting herself out there, or do you think some things should be kept private; especially since children are involved?

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