‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Spencer Returns With Shocking Revelations About Nikolas’ Fate

General Hospital fans have been waiting to hear about Nikolas Cassadine (formerly Tyler Christopher) for a long time. The story goes that Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) killed him on Cassadine Island, but his body was never recovered. Fast forward to May sweeps and his name is all over social media once again. General Hospital spoilers teased that the month would be filled with returns and surprises, and there is plenty to look forward to with some newly-released information.

Spencer Cassadine (Nicolas Bechtel) will be back in Port Charles. This is almost a given since he has been away for quite a while. General Hospital rumors have been circulating about his connection to the chimera, but the link still has not been figured out. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Nikolas Cassadine may be alive. Spencer has been known to keep things from his family for the sake of his father. It looks like there may be more to what happened on Cassadine Island. This could open up a different world for the residents of Port Charles and for the viewers.

Tyler Christopher will not resume the role of Nikolas Cassadine if the rumors of a return are correct. This was confirmed last year when General Hospital rumors suggested that he would play a role in November sweeps. Christopher has moved on from the role of Nikolas despite fans wanting him to remain on the small screen. There were a few recasts throughout the 20 years Cassadine was a character on General Hospital, but the most recent one is a fan-favorite. Nick Stabile stood in for Christopher for a month and was in the role when Nikolas was allegedly killed by Valentin. He vanished from General Hospital in July of 2016, and while he has been spoken about since, there has been no concrete evidence of a return.

The role of Nikolas Cassadine was brought to General Hospital in 1996. Tyler Christopher originated the role, but was on and off for several years. He resonated well with the fans, making Nikolas one of the most coveted characters over the last two decades. The idea that he is gone for good hasn’t sunk in for the fans. Rumors have been circulating that he would return, mostly around sweeps when the show needs ratings. This time, there are some strong indications that a Nikolas Cassadine recast may be headed to General Hospital sooner than anyone thinks. Spencer will be back for the Nurses Ball, and after the package he sent to Jake (Hudson West) with a chimera on it, it looks like there is way more to the story. Could Nikolas be hiding out on Cassadine Island?

Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) reportedly died last summer, just days before Nikolas was allegedly killed. According to the Inquisitr, Helena is alive. The news was revealed yesterday, and it will tie directly into the chimera storyline and a possible return for Nikolas. She loved her grandson as much as she could, and the knowledge that she didn’t die and may have possibly saved Nikolas from his death is much more plausible than any of the other scenarios tossed around. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Spencer will return to Port Charles with news about his father, but no other details have been given.

While Tyler Christopher won’t be back to revive the role of Nikolas Cassadine on General Hospital, there is hope that Nick Stabile will be available. His face was the last one fans saw before Nikolas died, and the chemistry he had with Ava (Maura West) could develop into something more if given the right storyline. General Hospital is pulling out all the stops for May sweeps, and a Nikolas revival is just enough to get everyone talking.

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