‘Teen Mom OG’ Catelynn Lowell Plans For Baby Number Three

Catelynn Lowell wants more children with Tyler Baltierra.

Following the adoption of their first child, daughter Carly, in 2009, and the birth of the second child, daughter Novalee, in 2015, the Teen Mom OG star spoke to Kate Casey on her podcast, Real Life with Kate Casey, and revealed her plans for a third child.

“Believe me, I want another baby, too,” Catelynn Lowell said, according to a report by People Magazine on May 10. “I think struggling with postpartum and it being so severe… it’s kind of scary for me, in a way. That definitely deters me a little bit from wanting another child.”

Catelynn Lowell suffered from postpartum depression after the birth of Novalee Reign in January 2015 and ultimately sought treatment in an Arizona rehab center in 2016. At the time, a source claimed the reality star was being treated for struggles with anxiety and depression, but eventually, Lowell confirmed her issues with postpartum depression.

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During her time in treatment, which was chronicled on Teen Mom OG, Catelynn Lowell learned how to better cope with her postpartum depression and other life struggles.

Although Catelynn Lowell has learned how to manage her symptoms, she’s admittedly hesitant to allow herself to get pregnant due to the possibility of her postpartum depression returning after birth.

“I keep telling myself that whenever [I get pregnant], because it will eventually, you just have to have that support system,” she said of her husband, Tyler Baltierra, and her parents. “We definitely want more kids, it’s just when… I don’t know.”

“I never struggled with depression or anxiety before I ever got pregnant with her,” Catelynn revealed. “Now, after Carly, a few years later, I had my first ever, severe panic attack and depression. And then after that fact, I struggled with it for years and then I had Nova.”

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra got married in August 2015 after more than a decade together. As fans of Teen Mom OG and 16 & Pregnant likely know, Lowell and Baltierra fell in love in middle school and have been together ever since.

During recent episodes of Teen Mom OG, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have been seen discussing the idea of a third child and Baltierra has mentioned his desire to have a baby boy by “next year.”

As for Catelynn Lowell, she doesn’t seem so sure and continues to ponder just how many children she’s willing to have.

“I’m not sure if I want a big family or not,” she recently said.

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As Catelynn Lowell considers her future children, Tyler Baltierra’s mom, Kim, has encouraged him to take her emotional state into consideration before getting his wife pregnant.

“I think now it’s a little different, because I want one,” Tyler Baltierra told her. “I don’t have to carry it or anything.”

“Yeah, don’t have one until she’s ready,” Kim advised. “Because mom’s are the one’s that really do everything, let’s face it.”

Tyler Baltierra recently gushed over his wife on Instagram, reminding fans that they’ve been together since they were teens.

“It’s crazy to look back at old pics of us when we were just kids. We fell in love with each other so quick & effortlessly…and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Love you babe!” he wrote in the caption of a throwback photo on May 9.

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