World War 3: Iran Fires Torpedo, Putin Talks War, And North Korea Conducts Another Missile Test

World War 3 fears are ramping up as Iran has fired a test torpedo, President Putin has started to reflect on war, and North Korea conducted yet another ballistic missile test over the weekend. Meanwhile, American and Japanese ships are busy working along the Korean peninsula to try and stop further missile tests by North Korea. But despite China trying their hardest to diplomatically resolve the North Korea situation, Kim Jong-un has so far refused to back down and stop his country’s nuclear program or missile tests.

With tensions high around the world as talk of World War 3 continues, Iran has shot off a Hoot torpedo, as the Express reports, something they have not done for two years now. Even though the torpedo launched by Iran is technically not an offense under international law, some have noted that it has come at a convenient time when the world is focused on getting North Korea to stop testing their missiles.

President Putin celebrating Victory Day in Moscow.
President Putin celebrating Victory Day in Moscow. [Image by Pressphotos/Getty Images]

Last Sunday, three senior defense officials corroborated that Iran’s torpedo test had taken place around the Strait of Hormuz. Once the Hoot torpedo is fully operational, it will be able to travel at a speed of 250 miles-per-hour and up to a length of 12,000 yards.

In what may have been a veiled reference to World War 3, President Putin spoke on Victory Day during a reflection on the horrors of World War 2 and asserted that the war was, in part, helped along by leading countries of the world not uniting to fight what was clearly a very real evil.

“The criminal ideology of racial superiority was allowed to exist, because of the disunity of the world’s leading countries. Life requires our armed forces to be strengthened even more to be able to stand against terrorism, extremism, and neo-Nazism.”

Putin explained that the only way to fully eliminate the threat of conflict is for international communities to come together, as Radio Free Europe reported.

“But to fight terrorism, the consolidation of the entire international community is needed.”

Meanwhile, despite constant World War 3 news, North Korea is reported to have conducted another ballistic missile test over the weekend, according to Fox News. As a response to North Korea repeatedly testing their missiles, the United States has sent the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson along with Ohio-class missile submarines to the region, while North Korea alleges that they will sink the USS Carl Vinson.

But does North Korea have the technology required to actually sink the American aircraft carrier and should people really be concerned over World War 3 when North Korea makes so many repeated threats which appear to mainly be for purposes of propaganda only?

South Korean residents protest North Korea's Kim Jong Un on November 23, 2015.
South Korean residents protest North Korea's Kim Jong Un on November 23, 2015. [Image by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images]

There is now a claim from North Korea’s ambassador to the U.K. that Kim Jong-un is already planning to conduct a sixth nuclear weapons test, according to Raw Story (via Newsweek). When Choe Il spoke to Sky News, he said that only Kim Jong-un knew the exact date and time of the future nuclear test, something that those fearing World War 3 may be concerned with.

“I can say that the nuclear test will be conducted at the place and time as decided by our supreme leader, Kim Jong-un. If the U.S. moves an inch, then we are ready to turn to ashes any available strategic assets of the U.S.”

Are you worried the world is inching closer to World War 3 when you read stories about North Korea and Iran, or do you think countries will work things out together in the end?

[Featured Image by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images]