Lohan Accuser Resurfaces: Tiffany Mitchell Seen In New York City After Day In Hiding

Lindsay Lohan’s accuser resurfaces in New York City on Friday, emerging from a store to appear for paparazzi almost as if be design.

Psychic Tiffany Mitchell is the alleged victim of Lindsay Lohan in a nightclub fight that broke out Wednesday night. Lohan was reportedly there to try to hook up with Max from the boy band The Wanted, but after she got too drunk Max reportedly moved on and started flirting with Mitchell.

That angered Lohan, and when the psychic Tiffany Mitchell asked Lohan if she could give a private psychic reading in the VIP area the actress grew angry. She reportedly called Mitchell a “f***ing gypsy,” angering Mitchell’s friends. The psychic then responded by telling Lohan that her recent movie Liz and Dick sucked, and tensions escalated into a fight where Lindsay Lohan then reportedly hit Mitchell.

“The bouncer was having a fight with somebody else and I grabbed my wife next to me,” Mitchell’s husband Wayne Stevens said in his police report. “My friend had their wife, and there were girls behind us. After it was over she [Lohan] went over and pushed my wife hard. I don’t even know why she pushed her … About five minutes later she comes around and told my wife ‘I need space’ or something like that. And then she just punched her.”

After the fight, Mitchell stayed in hiding but the Lohan accuser resurfaces on Friday in what appeared to TMZ to be a calculated attempt to get in front of cameras. She was seen walking on a street in New York City wearing sunglasses and high-heeled boots as she left a store.

But before the Lohan accuser resurfaces, she made news in another way. On Friday Tiffany Mitchell met with Gloria Allred, the media-savvy lawyer with a knack for taking high-profile cases, E! News reported.

As the Lohan accuser resurfaces, Lindsay herself is defending her actions in the brawl. TMZ noted that she did call Tiffany Mitchell a gypsy but didn’t know it was considered a racial slur. Lohan also contended that the fight happened after Tiffany swiped her expensive purse.