Carrie Underwood Is Doing Amazing Things To Inspire Young Girls To Get Active

Carrie Underwood is empowering and inspiring young women to become get into sports with a huge charitable donation.

It was announced this week that Underwood will be donating a huge $200,000 on behalf of Dick’s Sporting Goods and her popular CALIA by Carrie Underwood athleisure range to buy equipment for female sports teams in schools around the U.S. as part of their Sports Matter campaign, which aims to get young women and girls more involved in sports.

“Sports were a big part of my life growing up, so it’s important to me that girls across the country get those same opportunities,” Carrie said of her inspiring charity efforts in a statement. “Through Sports Matter, CALIA and The DICK’S Foundation, we are empowering hundreds of girls across the country to learn, grow and dream, teaching them to do what they love later in life.”

Carrie also spoke out about what inspired her to give back to young females in a new interview with Sports Illustrated, where she discussed the important of young people – and particularly young women – getting involved in sports to develop life lessons while still at school.

“It’s a wonderful thing to be involved in group sports and to be a strong female athlete,” Underwood said after her charity efforts were revealed. “We want to teach young ladies that they are important and that they are strong and we want to give them those kinds of opportunities to be a part of a team and learn those life lessons.”

Carrie Underwood Is Doing Amazing Things To Inspire Young Girls To Get Active & Involved In Sports

“We don’t want little things like equipment or money… we don’t want that kind of stuff to be in the way or be a problem,” Carrie added of why the charity donation to local schools is so important to get young people active, particularly in schools that don’t get a lot of funding.

According to Crowdfunding Insider, Carrie and Dick’s Sporting Goods latest huge donation of $200,000 will “go towards an estimated 100 teams across the country” and will see Underwood’s charity efforts cover all costs for the month of May, allowing young girls to get active and excel in their chosen sports.

Underwood’s latest donation is part of the $500,000 Carrie and Dick’s Sporting Goods originally pledged to get young women more involved in sports last year.

Carrie Underwood and the sporting goods store previously donated $100,000 to the school Carrie previously attended in her hometown of Checotah, Oklahoma, before the country star then handed over another $100,000 to the Aldine Independent School District’s Girls Athletic programs in Houston, Texas.

Underwood has been extremely vocal about the importance of exercise and a healthy lifestyle in the past, as Carrie revealed during an interview with Today Show in her hometown last year that she “loves” to workout and stay active.

“I feel better about myself, because I feel like ‘Oh, my clothes fit me. That’s awesome,’” Underwood said of working out and her love of exercise, admitting that she was a big fan of both baseball and softball while growing up in Oklahoma which is what inspired her charity donations.

Carrie Underwood makes huge charity donation to encourage girls sports

Carrie then went on to reveal that her favorite body part to workout is her legs, which Underwood often puts on display in her stunning gowns during her various big red carpet appearance.

“I feel like it’s just a big muscle group,” Carrie said of why she puts in extra work on her legs, “and you can see that when you start workin’ ’em.”

And it looks like all Carrie’s workout and exercise time is definitely paying off.

All eyes were on Underwood’s incredibly toned legs when she attended the 2017 ACM Awards last month, as Carrie’s legs pretty much sent the internet into meltdown after she strutted her stuff on stage to perform her hit “Church Bells” as well as her duet “The Fighter” with fellow country star Keith Urban.

What do you think of Carrie Underwood’s big charity efforts to promote youth sports in young girls?

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