Adam Levine Joked About Blake Shelton’s Private Parts And Gwen Stefani’s Reaction Was Everything [Video]

Adam Levine and fellow The Voice coach Blake Shelton have enjoyed a close friendship for years after sitting alongside each other for the past 12 seasons of the NBC show, and now Adam is proving he’s so close to Blake he can even joke about his private parts – in front of girlfriend Gwen Stefani.

Adam joked about Blake’s manhood during a red carpet interview with fellow coaches Gwen and Alicia Keys ahead of The Voice’s Monday night show on May 8, where the Maroon 5 frontman had a very interesting response when asked by E! News to spill one thing fans may not already know about the country star.

While Stefani gave a more PG13 answer when it came to revealing something people don’t know about her boyfriend – that he actually he has a great knowledge of music far beyond that of just country music – Levine instead opted for a revelation that was a little more R rated.

Instead of keeping things family friendly, Levine joked that his long time The Voice co-coach – who was not on the red carpet because he was preparing for his performance of “Every Time I Hear That Song” – has three balls.

“It’s pretty crazy… just how gifted he is as a songwriter and just a singer and then how much he just lets it all roll off. Like, he doesn’t care. That’s really shocking to me,” Gwen said of Blake, to which Adam pretty crudely added of Shelton, “Or the fact that he has three balls. What?”

A pretty shocked Gwen then turned away from Adam, shook her head as she looked at Alicia before she then turned back to the camera and said, “Hi! Hi, mom! Hi, dad! I’m here with Adam Levine…”

Adam Levine, who didn’t seem to be too embarrassed by his private parts joke, then added, “Hey, guys. Sorry.”

Adam Levine Joked About Blake Shelton's Private Parts & Gwen Stefani's Reaction Was Everything
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The revelation came shortly after Levine poked fun at Shelton in another interview on the red carpet, as Adam joked that Blake actually “doesn’t care” about sounding on-key when he takes to the stage when asked by Entertainment Tonight if he was excited to see his fellow coach perform.

“He doesn’t care about sounding good, which is great,” Levine joked of his friend and fellow The Voice coach, before Adam then embraced Stefani with a hug and taunted his long time friend about how close he was getting to his girlfriend of over a year and a half.

“Yeah, Blake, what’s up now, b****?” Adam told Blake through the camera while giving Gwen a hug on The Voice red carpet this week. “I got your girl on TV!”

But while Levine and Stefani’s love fest on The Voice red carpet was all in good fun, this actually isn’t the first time Gwen and Adam have poked a little fun at the country star while doing interviews together.

Just last month, Adam and Gwen admitted during an interview at the NBC show that there’s one pretty big thing they don’t want their kids to copy from Shelton when they get a little older.

Adam Levine made a crude joke about Blake Shelton's private parts in front of Gwen Stefani
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After Gwen recently posted a photo of her three boys copying Shelton’s tattoo on their arms with a marker, Stefani was asked if she’d actually let her children copy Blake and get inked – to which both she and Levine both also admitted that they’re not actually the biggest fan of Shelton’s deer track and barbed wire tattoo.

“If my kids wanted to get one, I would hope that we could talk about what it is so that we don’t have big regrets in the future,” Gwen said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight while referring to Blake’s tattoo, while Levine took a jab at his fellow coach by admitting that he too wouldn’t want his daughter Dusty Rose to get an inking like Shelton’s.

“Hopefully, they won’t get one like Blake’s tattoo,” Stefani joked of her boyfriend’s ink while discussing her boyfriend’s tattoo with Levine.

What do you think of Gwen Stefani’s reaction to Adam Levine’s pretty crude joke about Blake Shelton?

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