‘Pokemon Stars’ On Nintendo Switch Announcement May Be Coming Real Soon

Pokemon Stars, the alleged Pokemon Sun and Moon version for the Nintendo Switch, may be headed to the console soon. Reports suggest that Nintendo could announce it as early as this week.

The gaming company started teasing Pokemon Stars a few weeks ago, which means that an announcement is bound to come soon. An E3 reveal has been brought to mind because it is the biggest gaming event of the year, but a well-known Nintendo news source argues otherwise.

The tipster with the Twitter handle @Dystify says that there has been no mainline Pokemon title that was officially unveiled during the annual event. Nintendo usually announces a game one month before the conference, which is in May.


If history repeats itself, fans will likely Pokemon Stars be revealed early this month. This week is the most likely timeframe since the first week has passed. If it does not happen in the next few days, then fans can look forward to the next couple of weeks just before E3 comes around on June 14 through 16.

More Pokemon Stars Evidence

A report from Tech Radar indicates that there is more evidence pointing to an announcement happening soon. Visiting the page Pokemon.com/Hoshi will redirect users back to the website’s homepage instead of an Error 404 page. As “hoshi” means “star,” this may be an indication that Pokemon Stars will be known soon enough.

This information also comes from Dystify, who also said that the same thing happened before Pokemon Sun and Moon was revealed. According to him, a few days prior to the games’ announcement, Pokemon.com/Niji (meaning “rainbow,” the codename for the games) redirected visitors to the homepage instead of showing “Page not found.”

However, there is one problem with this evidence. WWG pointed out that typing anything after “.com/” will redirect users back to the homepage as long as it ends with the letter “i.” So, going to Pokemon.com/thereisnopokemonstarsi will give the same effect.

The report did point out, however, that this may just be a strategy of hiding important information before Nintendo has had a chance to announce it. It might be intended to throw off eagle-eyed fans such as Dystify.

Pokemon Stars On Nintendo Switch

While Pokemon Stars’ release date is still a secret, fans of the franchise seem to be 100 percent sure that it’s coming sometime in the near future. But they are still divided on whether it is coming to the Nintendo Switch or not.

Gamers first heard that the game was a Switch title. Nintendo’s latest console is a hybrid device that also acts as a handheld platform, so it makes sense to release a Pokemon title there. But Forbes thinks that it is coming exclusively to the 3DS instead.

Pokemon Sun package for the Nintendo 3DS
[Image by Pe3k/Shutterstock]

The 3DS system is 6-years-old, which is pretty old by console standards. But the company is still planning to support it in the years ahead. There is still a chance that it will be the platform to receive Pokemon Stars, which is believed to be the third title of this Pokemon generation. So, it also makes sense that it will join Pokemon Sun and Moon on the handheld console. It does not mean, though, that it cannot launch on the Switch at the same time. But if it is indeed coming to the home platform, then Sun and Moon should be ported as well.

Pokemon Moon package for the Nintendo 3DS
[Image by Pe3k/Shutterstock]

As of now, Nintendo has not given any indication that it is ready to port 3DS games to the Switch. But who knows: Pokemon Stars may be the key to that happening.

[Featured Image by Pokemon/Game Freak]