Robert Pattinson Steps Out With Richard Gere At ‘Arbitrage’ Luncheon

Robert Pattinson stepped out to support Richard Gere’s new financial thriller Arbitrage at a Luncheon held at Osteria Mozza in Los Angeles on Friday.

Dressed casually but stylishly, Pattinson — and typical beard — arrived wearing a mostly black ensemble of T-shirt, jacket, trousers and black overcoat. Gere wore jeans and a suit jacket.

Generations may separate them but the pair were all smiles at the informal affair, one of many Gere will be undoubtedly be seen before the awards season kick off.

Though Gere’s star rose in the eighties with hits like Pretty Woman, An Officer and A Gentleman, American Gigolo, Runaway Bride — followed by later roles in Unfaithful, Chicago and The Hoax — the 63-year-old has never won an Oscar.

That could all change this year as Gere’s performance as cheating, embezzling, hedge fund magnate — Robert Miller — is currently being hailed as the performance of his career.

Awards Daily writes:

“Critics have been pretty unanimous in saying it’s one of his best performances, now it’s time for the academy to follow suit and honor this great actor.”

Robert Pattinson And Richard Gere Attending Arbitrage Luncheon In Los Angeles On Friday, November 30

Released back in August, Gere faces stiff competition when expected nominations for Denzel Washington (Flight), Joaquin Phoenix (The Master), Daniel Day-Lewis (Lincoln) are announced on January 10, 2013, three days ahead of the Golden Globes.

At the luncheon, Gere and Pattinson posed for pictures with Arbitrage’s writer-director Nicholas Jarecki and writer Kirsten Smith.

From one past heartthrob turned possible Academy award contender to another future one, one wonders what a fly-on-the-wall to Gere and Pattinson’s conversation would reveal.