’13 Reasons Why’ Season 2 Predictions: Katherine Langford And Dylan Minnette Want This To Happen In 2018

13 Reasons Why Season 2 predictions are scarce as Netflix and the showrunners of the controversial show refuse to give away any details about the follow up, even lead actors Katherine Langford and Dylan Minnette.

But while they deny having any knowledge about the upcoming new season, Katherine and Dylan who play the lead characters Hannah Baker and Clay Jensen in the Selena Gomez-executive produced series have revealed their hopes on what will happen next.

Those who have yet to have the privilege to watch Season 1 should start looking away now for spoilers lie ahead.


Based on what they said in an interview with E! News, Katherine who has been dubbed as the 21-year-old breakout star of the show wanted 13 Reasons Why Season 2 to explain more about a certain character’s life.

“Personally, I would be interested to see…more discussion into what’s happening afterwards. It’s interesting in the first season we get to see what the characters go through post-Hannah’s death,” she told the outlet.

“I think Jessica has a really interesting story to tell—and recovery to make.”


Those who were able to watch the series and/or read Jay Asher’s best-selling novel where it was based from, Jessica Davis played by Alisha Boe is the character on Tape No. 2: an estranged friend who suffered at the hands of the same man who sexually assaulted Hannah.

By the looks of it, Katherine Langford’s hopes for 13 Reasons Why Season 2 to tackle the highly sensitive issue of rape that hasn’t exactly been brought to justice in Season 1.

For those who haven’t watched the first season and have still decided to continue reading this article, Season 1 revolved around what occurred after Hannah committed suicide. More specifically, Season 1 showed how Clay Jensen’s managed to go through all 13 tapes without losing his mind as he discovers small and big matters that caused Hannah’s death.

Long story short, the last straw that pushed Hannah to choose suicide is the fact that Liberty High’s counsellor, Mr. Kevin Porter (Derek Luke) failed to save her faith in humanity by not showing he cared enough even after learning about Hannah’s sexual assault.

“Look, something happened, Hannah. And I believe you” he said in 13 Reasons Why Season 1 Episode 13 before adding something that really disappointed the troubled student as well as the audience.

“But if you won’t confront him then the only other choice is to move on.”

And that’s when Hannah decided to prepare the tapes and clean her room before killing herself.

Katherine Langford hopes for 13 Reasons Why Season 2 to bring some closure to the rapist by showing how Jessica handles the truth and recovers, same as a theory about the show’s follow up posted in the Inquisitr.

Meanwhile, Dylan who agreed that Jessica should get more screen time also wanted the show to have a bit of balance in terms of the emotions portrayed in it contrary to the depressing theme of Season 1.

“Same here,” he agreed.

“Maybe some smiles? I mean, I don’t know. No, there will be smiles. There will be smiles, there will be tears, I’m just excited to see what they’re writing up for us, you know what I mean?”

Based on his stammering statement, it looks like Dylan was trying to cover up a slip-up about what will happen in 13 Reasons Why Season 2.


Of course, Katherine’s “hopes” might not be as far off as you might think from what will happen next in the show considering how even series creator Brian Yorkey deemed it unfit for the show to have some unfinished business especially if it’s one about a rapist.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Yorkey shared some intriguing insights on what fans should expect in Season 2.

“There’s a rapist who hasn’t been brought to justice, and there’s a living survivor of that rapist who is just beginning her journey of recovery,” he said about 13 Reasons Why Season 2.

On top of that, Yorkey also noted how a surviving victim of rape would consider it a lifelong story.

“Part of the problem with our culture is that we say, ‘Oh, the story’s done. Rapes are treated, at best, as a multi-episode arc within a season, when anyone who’s experienced rape knows it’s a lifelong story,” he continued.

“If we left these 13 episodes out in the world with [the rapist] not being brought to justice … it’d be incredibly dissatisfying to me.”

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