Kevin Garnett And Other Former Boston Celtics Take Shots At Ray Allen, Should They Bury The Hatchet?

Will Kevin Garnett and his former Boston Celtics’ teammates ever speak to Ray Allen again? There were a few glimmers of hope a couple of nights ago, but do not expect any pleasantries to be exchanged anytime soon. Especially with the latest set of barbs that have been traded over the past couple of days. Move over Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors, perhaps the NBA’s biggest rivalry involves a group of former Boston Celtics.

The Boston Celtics’ 2008 championship team had a mini reunion (courtesy of GQ) on “Area 21”, which is a segment from TNT’s “Inside the NBA.” Former Celtics’ star Kevin Garnett, who hosts the segment was joined by other former Celtics stars Glen Davis, Kendrick Perkins, Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo. There was one glaring omission — star guard Ray Allen.


Allen played an instrumental role in the Boston Celtics winning the NBA title in the 2007-08 season. Allen’s absence can simply be explained by his decision to leave the Celtics (courtesy of NBC Miami) for their then-most hated rival, the Miami Heat. Because of how Allen handled his departure in 2012. The former Celtics’ stars suggested that Ray Allen failed to contact anyone from the Celtics.

Five years later and the former Celtics’ players considered to be a betrayal.

Ray Allen’s invitation to the Celtics’ 10th anniversary reunion never came. It did not get lost in the mail. It did not come because Kevin Garnett and the rest of Allen’s former Boston teammates still believe that their brother abandoned them without notice.

Can the tarnished relationship between Ray Allen and his former Celtics’ teammates be repaired?

Can the tarnished relationship be repaired?

Each of the former Celtics’, with the exception of Rajon Rondo, went into depth about their feelings (courtesy of ESPN) towards what Ray Allen did. Kevin Garnett explained their feelings overall. Glen Davis and Paul Pierce talked about how things should have been handled. Meanwhile, Kendrick Perkins went into what is necessary for both sides to mend fences.

“Who going to break the ice? At this point and time, I don’t think it’s on nobody on here to break the ice. I actually think it’s on Ray to break the ice. If Ray wants to make amends with anybody up here or whatever the case, I think it’s on him to reach out and say, ‘Hey [Pierce], I handled this wrong. Man, we better than this. Hey Ticket, I handled this wrong. Hey Big Baby, I handled this wrong, or hey, Rondo, I handled this wrong, man.’ Just get it past this, man. We won games together, man. We did a lot of things.”

The harsh feelings will continue until someone reaches out. It appeared that Kevin Garnett and the other Celtics who were on hand for the mini reunion want to mend fences. Their hurt is undoubtedly sincere. But are they being unreasonable?

Ray Allen allegedly responded with a Facebook photo which gained traction. According to Bleacher Report, the picture was from a fake account.


No one, not Kevin Garnett, not Paul Pierce, not Ray Allen is expected to budge.

There is also zero chance that Rajon Rondo and Allen will ever be cordial again. They have a rift that only grew over the years, although Rondo did acknowledge Allen’s contributions last fall. He stated last fall that the Boston Celtics should retire Allen’s number (courtesy of Mass Live).

That will not be enough to convince Allen to extend an olive branch to his former teammates. In fact, Glen Davis has gone on record to say (courtesy of Uproxx) that he does not see Allen apologizing.

“Ray…has a better chance of kissing Donald Trump in the mouth. That’s never going to happen. Ray is never going to say that.”

If the key to ending this beef between former Boston Celtics’ stars is for Ray Allen to begin the pleasantries, then there is no end in sight. Truthfully, a resolution must be had.

The 2008 Boston Celtics’ championship team won games with teamwork, great chemistry and an “us versus them” type of bond. Sure, there are some hurt feelings. Egos are assuredly involved here. It is time to put those egos aside for the greater good. This is not how fans should remember this great Boston Celtics’ team.

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