Victoria Sex Tape: Former WWE Star Hit With New Round Of Explicit Photo, Video Leaks

Former WWE star Victoria is suffering a new sex tape leak, with explicit video and photos reportedly hitting the internet after some of the star’s private pictures were already leaked weeks ago.

Victoria appears to be the latest victim of a widespread leak of personal pictures and videos of the WWE’s female stars, one that has taken place for several weeks. Pictures had reportedly been circulating online, including one showing the wrestler engaging in a sex act, the Sun reported.

Victoria, whose real name is Lisa Marie Von, has now been out of the WWE for more than eight years, though she moved on to work in TNA and on Ring of Honor.

The WWE star was part of a leak that took place over the course of March, but now has more explicit video and images hitting the internet, the Daily Star noted.

“Nude photos of the star were leaked earlier this year in massive dump of celebrity pictures,” the report noted.

“But she is now a repeat victim after hackers flooded the internet with a new wave of images.”

There have been some WWE stars hit multiple times by the hackers who obtained the nude images and video. Paige, who was one of the first ones hit in early March, saw several private photos released over the course of the coming weeks. There have been others targeted, including announcer Maria Kanellis, former WWE Divas champion Kaitlyn, and former WWE star Melina.


Some of those targeted have denied that the explicit images and video are real. Summer Rae, another WWE star who allegedly had nude photos leaked, said publicly that they were really a fake.

“As they say, don’t believe everything you see on the internet,” she tweeted at the time (via the Sun).


Paige acknowledged that the pictures and video of here were real, but noted that they had been stolen from her.

“Personal and private photos of mine were stolen and unfortunately they were shared publicly without my consent,” she tweeted.

There were some rumors at the time that the sex tape leak could lead to Paige being fired from the WWE. She had been suspended two times in the past year for violations of the company’s wellness policy, prompting her to speak out about the apparent uneven application of the rules.

Others stars hit have decided to take legal action against the leakers. Actress Amanda Seyfried, the first celebrity to have nude images leak among the recent incident, said publicly that she planned to take legal action against whoever is responsible, USA Today reported.

“In Seyfried’s case, the actress was photographed in intimate situations with a former boyfriend and the photos were leaked to the website Celebrity Jihad, which traffics in nude celebrity photos, both real and Photoshopped. In a letter obtained by TMZ Thursday, her attorneys threatened legal action against the site unless they were removed immediately and demanded that the site preserve evidence of the photos and any correspondence pertaining to their use or distribution.”

Some have likened the release of celebrity nude photos to a more widespread release that began in August of 2014 and ended up including dozens of celebrities, including Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence. That leak ended up prompting an FBI investigation and the arrest of a Pennsylvania man for allegedly stealing the passwords of their personal accounts and sharing private pictures and video across the internet.

It’s not clear, however, if there is any connection between the most recent leak and the 2014-15 celebrity leak. It is also unclear if there is any kind of law enforcement investigation into the most recent leaks.

Former WWE star Victoria has not commented on the alleged sex tape leak.

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