‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Helena Returns From The Dead, Cassadine Matriarch Is Very Much Alive And Well

General Hospital just delivered an unexpected treat for fans of the show. It may not be a huge surprise because after all, you just can’t keep an evil woman down for very long. The ABC soap sent out a short clip that confirmed what everyone had already guessed would happen eventually. Helena Cassadine is coming back, and you know there will be plenty of trouble to follow.

On Tuesday afternoon, the General Hospital video was posted on Twitter showing actress Constance Towers, aka Helena Cassadine, looking quite chipper. She was supposed to be dead, but it looks like she is alive and well after all. She quipped that Port Charles will be getting a surprise visit.

“You know, Port Charles is a very mysterious place. You just never know who’s gonna come around.”


The Cassadine matriarch blows a kiss in the video letting everyone know that she is back from the dead. What will she be up to this time? She has returned to finally shed some light on what happened on Cassadine Island when she had Jake Webber and his dad, Jason Morgan, captive. This storyline is finally coming together. It has been a long time coming ever since she had supposedly passed away.

General Hospital viewers witnessed her death in 2015, but that never means much on soaps, especially when it comes to this lady. It was either staged to look like she died or she somehow was saved before she was really gone. Her grandson, Nikolas, probably had something to do with it. The rumor that has been going around since then is that those two were in cahoots to fake her death, which also could mean that Nik’s death by the hands of Valentin Cassadine could also have been faked. Could Nikolas eventually show up as well?

The Nurses Ball is coming up on May 22, and General Hospital spoilers by SheKnows Soaps hint that there will be danger lurking at this event. It sounds like she will show up unexpectedly and cause all sorts of chaos. This could very well be a Nurses Ball that the Port Charles residents won’t soon forget.


What will little Jake do when he sees her? He seems to hold many secrets that he has not told anyone yet on what happened while he was on the island with Helena. It should be interesting to see how he reacts around her.

There is also a connection with Valentin and Anna, or Alex as it may be, to the chimera project. What does Helena have to do with the chimera? Valentin hinted to Anna last week on General Hospital, as they were discussing the project, that he sold it to someone. Could that person have been Helena Cassadine? That would certainly make sense.

Remember that she had told everyone that Valentin was the most evil Cassadine of them all right before she died. What will happen when those two come face-to-face? There may be more evilness in Port Charles than anyone will know what to do with.

Jason and Franco are on Cassadine Island right now trying to get some answers. Jason has been getting a few memories back on what happened to him there. Apparently, Jake had seen him chained up on the wall when he had his old face, and that is why the boy thinks of him as the scarecrow. No wonder the kid was afraid of him.


Jason also ran into Daphne before Franco showed up. She definitely knows more than she had let on. He wanted her to accompany him to the island. He let her off the hook, but Daphne definitely looked afraid to go back there. That was probably because she knew Helena was still around.

Both Jason and Franco will make it back to Port Charles as spoiler photos for the General Hospital Nurses Ball shows them accompanying their ladies down the red carpet. Jake will be there as well, so hold onto your hats because Helena Cassadine may just fly in on her broomstick with an evil plan in mind. At the very least, she should shed some light on Jake’s Cassadine Island adventure.

Are you happy that Constance Towers is back as Helena Cassadine? What surprises will she bring along with her?

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