‘American Idol’ Confirmed To Return, Ryan Seacrest Gives Update On Hosting

After weeks of negotiation, the hit television show American Idol is now confirmed to return for its 16th season. During the entire series, it was aired on the FOX Channel as one of the network’s most popular shows. However, after a continual ratings decline, executives announced that 2016 would be the last year. However, ABC has decided to pick the show back up after a two-year hiatus, as TMZ reports that the series will return in 2018.

The auditions will reportedly be held at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The purpose behind this is that it promotes a huge brand within the Disney company, along with it being most cost-effective than traveling to various cities, as done in the past. Now, instead of the show going to the people, the people have to come to the show.


Other than the show returning, the other major topic surrounding this news is whether American Idol staple host Ryan Seacrest will return. Seacrest has been affiliated with the show for the entire life of it, and was the face of the show for many years. TMZ caught up with Seacrest to ask him whether the idea of him returning completely off the table. He responded, “I love that show. I think it’s fantastic that it’s gonna give a chance for a bunch of young people to possibly be stars.”

After dodging the question and walking away, he was asked again whether he would return. Then, he stated, “I love to work. I just got this amazing new position, so, I’m excited that it’s coming back. It’s really great.” He was then asked whether he is physically capable of traveling from coast to coast every week to host both shows. He responded, “Going to the gym first thing in the morning to prepare for everything.”

Seacrest was once again asked on Twitter if he will be returning with the show. He responded, “Trust me, I have just as many questions as you do.”

During their daily television show, TMZ discussed how Seacrest’s schedule would look like if he decides to accept the position as American Idol host. For the morning Live! With Kelly and Ryan show, he is in the studio from Monday to Thursday every week. Right after the show ends, he flies on a private jet to air his On Air with Ryan Seacrest Show. If American Idol is factored into the weekly schedule, it would require him to host the show, as well as the live results show the day after, and fly back at approximately 3:30 a.m. to go live on the air in New York at 9:00 a.m.


Thankfully, Seacrest does not have to worry about doing that on Fridays, as Ripa decided a few years ago to make the Friday show taped to have an extra day off. Moreover, the days that American Idol is scheduled to air on ABC is not scheduled in stone, and there were even talks that the live show could occur on Sunday evening, and the results show on Monday evening. However, most likely the schedule of Monday and Tuesday will stay the same.

Many have called Seacrest one of the hardest working people in entertainment. With a number of jobs on his plate, including his new position alongside Kelly Ripa, it would appear that his schedule is too full to add anything else. However, Seacrest has been very vocal of his attachment to the show, even to the point of considering traveling from one end of the country to the other with very little sleep in between. While it may be very exhausting, the adrenaline rush caused by the thrill of hosting will hopefully compensate for the rigorous traveling Seacrest has to do every week.

[Featured Image by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]