Dorinda Medley Warns Tinsley Mortimer: Does ‘RHONY’ Star Want To Ruin Sonja Morgan’s Friendships?

Dorinda Medley was pretty angry with Sonja Morgan when this season of The Real Housewives of New York began. Last year, Dorinda didn’t invite Sonja to the Berkshires with the other ladies, and she has been trying to answer for her decision ever since. However, Sonja is angry at Medley for leaving her out of the group, because she suspected that she was drinking too much and perhaps losing control of her behavior at times. But Medley didn’t appreciate it when Sonja fought back by doing interviews with various media outlets.

According to a new Bravo report, Dorinda Medley is now breaking her silence and trying to warn Tinsley Mortimer in regard to her friendship with Sonja. Of course, Tinsley is currently living with Sonja on The Real Housewives of New York, but Medley wants her to move out and be on her own. Why? Because she doesn’t think that Morgan is the best influence on her. And this is just another dig in this endless battle between the two.


“Now a few words about Tinsley and the living situation at Grey Gardens- GET OUT NOW! Tinsley, you can see where this is going. You have enough stress transitioning back to NYC after all that happened. The last thing you need is to feel unwelcome and live under house arrest. You are an adult and you should not have to answer a rule book of right and wrongs when you are a guest at someone’s home. If you want to remain friends with Sonja, I believe you should find your own place and have an independent relationship from Sonja. The living situation makes me so uncomfortable,” Dorinda Medley explained on her Bravo blog, revealing that she hopes Tinsley will move out of Sonja’s townhouse.

Medley didn’t explain why she felt uncomfortable with the living situation. On The Real Housewives of New York, Tinsley walked in on Sonja complaining to a friend about how Mortimer had seen her friends behind her back. The two had a confrontation, and that may be what Dorinda Medley is referring to.


But it is interesting that Dorinda Medley is trying to essentially warn the new housewife about Sonja, even though Morgan and Tinsley have been friends for a while. Maybe she wants to create some distance between Sonja and her friends because she sees something that the other ladies don’t. Does Medley want to ruin Sonja’s friendships? It is possible that she wants to hurt her co-stars as she feels hurt from what Sonja has told the press about her. It is clear that Dorinda is upset with her co-star, as she lashed out at her during Ramona Singer’s dinner party. There are clearly some issues there that need to be resolved.

But Dorinda Medley does get along with the other wives, and this was apparent during the election party. It was a calm party that didn’t involve any drama between the wives. Instead, the drama was provided by Donald Trump on that night.

“Lastly, ugh the election party! I love Carole’s passion and how informative she is about politics. Her expert journalism skills became apparent, and I loved every minute of it. We all, and I mean including the country, were very emotional about this election. An election and political strategy like this hasn’t been seen before, and to be honest, it was almost surreal when President Trump won,” Dorinda Medley explained about the controversial election party, according to Bravo.

What do you think of Dorinda Medley’s comments about Tinsley and Sonja? Why do you think she’s trying to warn the new housewife about Morgan and their friendship?

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