‘My 600-lb Life’ Assanti Brothers Part 3 Might Never Happen, But At Least Steven Is Looking Good

Among the most memorable episodes of My 600-lb Life was this season’s two-part season finale featuring the Assanti brothers, Steven and Justin. Over the course of the brothers’ two-week feature, viewers and avid fans of TLC’s hit reality TV show lamented that there was no resolution at all to the Assanti siblings’ story. With this in mind, speculations emerged stating that TLC might show a possible Part 3 episode featuring the Assanti siblings. If Justin’s words are any indication, however, the chances of Part 3 happening are rather slim.

One thing that is notable about the Assanti siblings is the fact that both Steven and Justin are rather active on social media. Steven’s behavior might be erratic at times, but his most recent posts on his Facebook account have been quite tame and positive as of late. Justin, on the other hand, is extremely active on his Facebook, though most of his posts involve his growing hobby business, not himself. Justin, however, did do a Reddit AMA a month ago, and he answered numerous questions from avid fans of the show.

Unsurprisingly, one of the most significant inquiries that Justin addressed was whether a third installment to their story would be aired on TLC in the future. Inasmuch as a My 600-lb Life Assanti Brothers Part 3 episode would be interesting, however, Justin stated that another episode featuring him and his brother is unlikely.

“As far as I know, no Part 3 is planned.”

Justin also revealed that he and Steven have mostly cut their ties with each other since they were featured on the show. According to the younger Assanti sibling, he and his brother have always been at odds with each other. Back when they were children, Justin described Steven as being a bully, with one incident even resulting in him getting a scar.

“I can tell one story from my childhood. When I was young, maybe two to four, maybe five. Steven grabbed my hand and slammed a door on it. I still have a scar on my finger from it.”

Considering Steven’s behavior onscreen, many viewers and avid fans of My 600-lb Life found Justin’s revelations unsurprising. Some, including Justin himself, have speculated that Steven might even be borderline sociopathic due to his extremely aggressive and entitled attitude. For a while, Steven’s behavior on social media was definitely appalling, even accusing the hit reality TV show of being a scam. After going under the radar for a few weeks, however, Steven has reemerged in Facebook, looking slimmer and acting a lot nicer.

Over the past few weeks, Steven has posted nothing but positive messages on his new Facebook page, which is a complete departure from his angry, offensive style on his previous social media accounts. Steven has even posted photos of Cupcake the cat, a pet that viewers were immediately concerned about after she was depicted to be living in the Assanti sibling’s dirty apartment. If Steven’s new Facebook page is any indication, however, it appears that Cupcake the cat is fully healthy and doing just fine.

Just recently, Steven even uploaded an actual photo of him exercising, to much acclaim from his social media followers. Interestingly, Steven does appear to be significantly slimmer in the picture, though there was still some excess skin on his arms that would most likely need some surgery. Nevertheless, the elder Assanti brother’s supporters had lauded him for his progress, with many stating that he looks far better than he did when he was featured on the hit reality TV show.

Justin, for his part, has not revealed as much as Steven on his social media accounts. His Facebook account mostly features updates about the status of his growing hobby business and the occasional cute animal video. Updates about his current weight and appearance have been extremely scarce.

The Assanti brothers have managed to strike viewers and avid fans of the hit reality TV show as one of the most memorable subjects ever featured in My 600-lb Life. While a Part 3 episode seems unlikely for now, followers of the series could rest assure that before long, a Where Are They Now episode dedicated to the Assanti brothers would air, and it would most likely address all the questions that were left behind after their story ended this season.

[Featured Image by TLC]