When Is ‘Riverdale’ Season 1 On Netflix?

Riverdale fans now know who killed Jason Blossom, but there’s another big question that needs answering: When will Riverdale Season 1 be available on Netflix? The good news is it that the series is coming this month to the streaming service in the United States. However, there is even better news for the rest of the world (in case you haven’t realized yet).

One date to put in your diary is May 11. That’s this Thursday, which is the date of the Riverdale Season 1 finale. You may know who killed Jason, but what is going to happen next? How is the show going to end to get you ready for the second season — yes, it has already been ordered!

Note: The killer’s identity isn’t revealed in this article, in case you haven’t seen last week’s episode yet!

Once you’ve caught the season finale, you may want to watch the episodes again. They are currently available on The CW App in the United States, or you can buy in full from Amazon, but not everyone wants to spend more money. So, you need to wait for Netflix. Riverdale Season 1 will come to Netflix eight days after the season finale, which means May 19, 2017, is when you will get the full season.

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For those outside of the United States, you may have realized that Riverdale Season 1 is already available. The episodes were released each week, 24 hours after they aired on The CW. This is due to most countries not picking up the show on their own network or because Netflix offered a better deal for the exclusive airing rights. Countries airing the Riverdale episodes 24 hours after the U.S. dates include Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany, according to Spoilers Guide.

Riverdale was a highly anticipated show on The CW. It forced a schedule change for both Supernatural and Legends of Tomorrow to take up the 9 p.m. Thursday night slot, which is one of the best slots for the network. That soon proved to be a good idea, as fans quickly tuned in excitedly to find out who killed Jason Blossom. There were plenty of suspects and theories, but it was only last week that fans learned the truth.

It isn’t common for a TV show to wrap up such a mystery within one season. Fans just have to look at Pretty Little Liars to see how a mystery can continue over the course of a few years. Fans didn’t learn the real identity of A until Season 6, and now there is A.D. terrorizing the girls, an identity likely to remain secret until the series finale next month.

Despite the killer’s identity being revealed, there are hints at many more secrets and lies. It looks like these will be the mysteries of Riverdale Season 2 when it comes to The CW sometime next season. Screen Rant shares that there are many more plotlines to explore for Riverdale Season 2 (note: spoilers about the killer are in the article), but there are issues with revealing the killer. Twin Peaks proved that revealing the killer in the first season made a lot of viewers turn off in the middle of the following season. Will Season 2 need to open with a major mystery to avoid losing viewers part way through the year?

While Season 2 has been confirmed, there is no news as to when it will air. Some fans want to see the show take a fall slot, rather than air as another winter show. There are questions whether the Riverdale Season 1 ratings were good enough for a fall position.

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